DJ Spotlight: Julia Amran


Interview by Nina Miller

Julia Amran
CAS- Poli Sci major (17′)
Casual Vibes (Wednesdays 8-10pm)
What is your favorite part about being involved with WTBU? 
hmm…WTBU allows me to express myself in ways I wouldn’t be able to without college radio.
I get to play music that I enjoy and hope that others will too. Also, my mom gets to listen every week so she knows I’m alive if I forget to call lol
Have you interviewed any cool bands on your show throughout the years? 
Yes yes, The Intermission Project, Cruisr, Lissie, Verite, and now Oberhofer and Night Lights
Which was your favorite? 
Lissie for sure
With WTBU ending for you because you’re graduating is there anything specific you’ll miss about it? Will you continue to do radio once you leave BU? 
Yeah, I’ll miss the friendships, the loyalty of my listeners, making playlists every week, the ability to speak and interview artists with WTBU fully supporting me, the close community of DJs, and more. But mostly I’ll miss the most chill, inspiring, and sometimes crazy, two hours that I could rely on every week. WTBU IS MY FOREVER FAM!