DJ Spotlight: Giancarlo Rodriguez


Photo and interview by Dominick Witkowski

Giancarlo Rodriguez

Class of 2017

*Shrug Emoji* – Monday 12am-2am

Major: Sociology with a minor in psychology in CAS.

What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to Mitski, Tinashe, Busca Bulla, Cigarettes After Sex, Angel Olsen, Chromatics, and Blood Orange.

What is your favorite meme at the moment?

My favorite meme at the moment is the girl whose shadow looks like Rihanna.

Why did you decide to join WTBU?

I decided originally to join because a lot of my friends were involved and on shows. I had grown up around a lot of music and I wanted to keep up with my interests and hobbies surrounding music. I began doing it with my good friend Mariel. I interned sophomore year and got a show junior year.

What do you like to do outside of WTBU?

I love watching movies and being with friends. I also LOVE Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Other activities I enjoy doing is exploring and looking at queer art.

Why are you shook right now?

Honestly, the stats exam that I have tomorrow.