DJ Spotlight: Sophia Kapreilian



Photo and interview by Lexi Herosian


Sophia Kapreilian

The Alternative Kids, Mondays 8-10am

Major: Behavior and Health, Minor: Advertising


What are you listening to right now? Artists? Genres?

I am listening to a lot of Cold War Kids, Spoon, Milky Chance, Sylvan Esso, the Lumineers

What is your favorite record that you own?

Hmm that’s hard. The one that I listen to the most and that I adore is Continuum by John Mayer. I listen to that all the time on my record player.

What is your biggest piece of advice to people? In other words, what have you learned about yourself in these past 2 years at BU?

I’ve definitely learned, get a core group of friends that you can trust and that you can know well who will always have your back. I feel like that really is the basis of your experience in college. I’m not saying if you don’t have friends then you won’t have fun or anything, I’m just saying a core group is healthy.

What made you want to join WTBU?

I wanted to go in right from the get-go. Going into college, I knew I wanted to join the radio. So I just went for it. I went to the meetings even though I didn’t know anybody and I was an intern for a show called Internet Killed the Radiostar. I really liked it. I learned how to do all the controls. I honed in on my inner radio voice.

How would you describe your radio voice?

I just put more thought into my words, and I enunciate my words. I’m just more myself. You can’t plan it. I mean obviously I give myself bullets, because we talk about artists on the air. We highlight a certain artist every week, so I bullet certain points about that. But everything else is improv and I think that’s the best way I can do it.

What have you gained from being in WTBU?

I definitely think being on the radio has been a segway for me to find my other interests. I never would have found out that I was so passionate about music, I don’t think. Being a DJ is spending time picking songs and really analyzing artists. I found myself really putting in a lot of effort into that. So if I didn’t start doing that I don’t think I would have even gotten into producing my own beats. I kind of know that I want music to be my future, despite my major right now. I don’t think I would have discovered that if I didn’t join WTBU. So, thanks past me. Thanks WTBU.