DJ Spotlight: Emma Seslowsky


Photo by Caroline Barry

Emma Seslowsky

Seaworld Slumber Party, Wednesdays 10pm-midnight

Journalism, COM ’18, minor in Arts Leadership in CFA

What is your favorite part of WTBU?

The diversity in programming. I was worried that the music I listen to wasn’t going to be cool enough when I got here, because I’ve been listening to roughly the same things since middle school, but you meet people that like the same weird things that you do and its nice. Makes you feel not so weird.

What music did you listen to while you were walking to class today?

I’m listening to John Mayer’s new record, the second wave of his new album [The Search for Everything: Wave Two].

How did Seaworld Slumber Part get its theme?

My old co-DJ Tamara Boyle — PR, COM, 2015 — we used to work together at the student activities office and would make dolphin noises at each other. It only made sense that we made a dolphin themed radio show of some sort, and it led to Seaworld. We love all sea creatures, we don’t discriminate.

How do you think of topics to discuss on your show?

My brain’s really loud, so whatever’s coming out of my brain at that moment. We do topical things like what’s going on in the news, do some commentary, or we’ll just talk about campus stuff or things that bother us. It’s a nice cathartic release at the end of the day to just kinda shoot the shit and complain with your friends that are there to listen…most of the time.