PREVIEW: Kane Strang @ Lilypad Inman 03/04

Hailing from New Zealand, Kane Strang is traveling the U.S. to tour his debut, Blue Cheese, and to offer a glimpse into his next LP set to release later this year. This is his first time touring outside New Zealand, and he will make a stop in Boston, Mass. at the Lilypad Inman on March 4, along with bands Chain of Flowers, Way Out, and Strange Passage.

Strang recently signed to Dead Oceans to exhibit his charmingly eclectic indie pop. On his latest single, “Oh So You’re Off I See,” Strang offers a fuller, heavier sound that still retains the catchy indie pop roots of his earlier releases.

You can stream his single and past releases, like “Things are Never Simple” or “Full Moon, Hungry Sun” on SoundCloud or Spotify.

-Olivia Gehrke