Lab Alumni

PhD Graduates

Kristina Cohen, PhD. (2010-2017) Anuran hatching mechanisms and their role in adaptive plasticity. Kristina joined the lab after training and working as a middle and high school science teacher. She divided her time between tropical and temperate fieldwork, molecular lab work, and electron microscopy. Currently a HHMI Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning at Brown University. []

Myra checking eggs

(Photo by M. Caldwell)

Myra Hughey, PhD. (2005-2011) Integrating species interactions and spatial dynamics to explain insect distribution and abundance on a patchy resource. Currently an Assistant Professor at Vassar College.

Michael Caldwell

(Photo by V. Briggs)

Michael Caldwell, PhD. (2003-2010) The use of vibrational information by red-eyed treefrogs for communication and antipredator defense. Belamarich award winner for the Most Outstanding Biology Dissertation at BU. Currently an Assistant Professor at Gettysburg College.

Science Friday coverage of Michael’s discovery of vibrational communication by competing male red-eyed treefrogs, including his video recordings of  tremulation behavior.

Justin TouchonJustin Touchon, PhD. (2002-2009) Developmental ecology and reproductive mode plasticity of a Neotropical treefrog: Interacting abiotic and biotic environmental effects over three life stages. Belamarich award winner for the Most Outstanding Biology Dissertation at BU. Currently an Assistant Professor at Vassar College.

Smithsonian “Meet Our Scientists” video interview of Justin “frog follower” Touchon.

MA students

MA student Ming Guo joined the lab in 2012, with a background in computer science. Ming studied how red-eyed treefrog embryos use vibration properties to discriminate between snake attacks on clutches, which induce premature hatching, and rain, which does not. She was co-advised by Profs Mark Crovella (Computer Science) and Greg McDaniel (Mechanical Engineering). Currently working in software development.


Ivan Gomez-Mestre (Postdoc 2002–5), now Staff Scientist at Estación Biológica de Doñana, Spain.

James Vonesh (Postdoc 2003–4), now Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Michael McCoy (Postdoc 2008–9), now Assistant Professor, East Carolina University.

Venetia Briggs (Postdoc 2007–9), now Research Associate, University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale

Justin Touchon (Postdoc 2009–2010), now Assistant Professor, Vassar College

Tobias Landberg (Postdoc 2010–2011), now Assistant Professor, Arcadia University