Current Lab Members

Kristina CohenPhD student Kristina Cohen joined the lab in 2010, after training and working as a middle and high school science teacher. Kristina studies the evolution and development of hatching mechanisms and hatching performance. She divides her time between tropical and temperate fieldwork, molecular lab work, and histology. []



Jesse DeliaPhD student Jesse Delia joined the lab in 2011, after a Masters at East Carolina University with Kyle Summers. Jesse studies parent-embryo interactions, sexual selection, hatching plasticity, and the evolution of parental care in glassfrogs. He has studied glassfrogs in Mexico, Ecuador and Peru, and currently works mainly in Panama and Colombia. []

Ming GuoMA student Ming Guo joined the lab in 2012, with a background in computer science. Ming studies how red-eyed treefrog embryos use vibration properties to discriminate between snake attacks on clutches, which induce premature hatching, and rain, which does not. She is co-advised by Profs Mark Crovella (Computer Science) and Greg McDaniel (Mechanical Engineering).



KW-5006-Laura-p300Universidad de los Andes MA student Laura Bravo Valencia joined the lab as an Intern (2012), then continued as a STRI Fellow. As well as working with the Warkentin lab in Panama, she is collaborating with Jesse Delia on research in Colombia and Ecuador. She studies maternal care behavior in glassfrogs.




Sonia Perez Arias

(Photo by K. Cohen)

BA student Sonia Perez Arias is helping to study the development of hatching mechanisms and hatching behavior.