Thursday, March 23rd, 2017
1 Silber Way, 9th floor
Trustees Center
Boston University
Boston, MA 02215

More than 80% of American youth live in urban areas. And each day, children who live, play and go to school in cities are shaped by their built, natural and social environments. How do cities help some of their most vulnerable residents – children – achieve their full development potential? What social and structural supports are critical to achieving optimal development? What innovative interventions, beyond those offered in school settings, are being deployed today to close outcome gaps?


Visit our Agenda to learn more about Cities and Kids: Enabling Optimal Development for Urban Youth.

This one day conference, hosted by the Boston University Initiative on Cities and the Boston University School of Public Health, will bring together government officials, public health professionals, youth and family advocates, and youth. Together, they will explore the unique challenges posed by urban living, and the ways in which cities spur and enable the positive urban environments that children need to thrive.

This conference is the first in a two part series of Cities and Health Across the Life Course. The second convening, scheduled for Fall 2017, will examine Cities & Aging. 

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