The Business of AI 2019 – What are the challenges?



AI technologies are increasingly being integrated into most business sectors. What was once a just a fancy buzzword has now changed the way start-ups are developing products and solving problems. The business of AI is rapidly changing.

In the AI domain, innovative start-ups face multiple questions about how to manage marketing, products and data. We addressed some of these in our previous study “The Business of Artificial Intelligence Startups”. However, since then the industry has developed. Also, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into effect and similar regulation has been proposed elsewhere, such as California’s Consumer Privacy Act. What trends are impacting your firm and industry? How are these new regulations affecting your firm and industry?

We have created a new survey to compile this information from a range of AI start-ups. This information will allow us to understand industry practices and to set industry benchmarks.

Invest 10 minutes answering a few questions about your business and find out what the industry is up to.

  • All participants will receive a free summary report based on the survey results.
  • Responses are confidential: the university researchers conducting the study will not release information that would make it possible to identify individual respondents or their firms.

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