New state-of-the-art facility for the Tropical Climate & Coral Reefs Laboratory finished in Spring 2017! 

Sample Preparation & Geochemical Facilities:

Wet laboratory (for lake sediment and coral sample preparation/analysis):



“Dry” laboratory (for milling and weighing samples):


Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry laboratory (for high-precision analysis of O & H isotopes in carbonates and waters):


Computational Facilities


Additional geochemical resources at Boston University:

ICP-ES Laboratory (for analysis of major, minor, and selected trace elements)

ICP-MS & Laser Ablation Laboratory (for analysis of trace and ultra-trace elements in both solution and solid samples)

TIMS Facility (isotopic analysis)

Stable Isotope Laboratory (for analysis of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur isotopes)

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory (for identification of single-phase organic or inorganic mixtures, or complex multiphase mixtures)

Chemical Instrumentation Center

The Orthopaedic and Developmental Biomechanics Laboratory (for CT and x-ray scanning)

Contact the lab:  617-353-2525