Building upon the legacy of the 1967 Tanglewood Symposium, the Boston University community seeks to engage educators, music makers, scholars, and other change makers in ongoing collaboration to advance the field of music education. Continue the conversation with us!

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The Conversation on Music Education at Boston University is an ongoing dialogue among researchers, practitioners, and students of music education. The Conversation will inspire us to critically examine new possibilities for musicking and music education. We are aiming to bring together students, alumni, and faculty, as well as individual and institutional collaborators for a deeper understanding of the role we play in supporting musical growth and change.

The Conference

The Conversation takes place live in conference every year. Starting in 2017—50 years after the 1967 Tanglewood Symposium—Boston University has hosted an annual conference on music education convened by faculty members in the College of Fine Arts. The conference highlights research on progressive and vital issues in music education today to best serve teachers, scholars, and ultimately students.

The Website & Blog

The Conversation is intended to make an impact on our lives as music educators, and to make a contribution to the institutions and communities that we serve. In addition to the conference, The Conversation will be ongoing right here, in this emerging online community of scholars, teachers, students, and advocates. Resources relating to Conversation presentations and additional blog posts will be made available through this website. We encourage you to dialogue around these resources and blogs to keep conversations progressing, and to further stimulate thinking and action in music education. If you would like to share your work, we encourage you to contact our communications coordinator, Nicholas Quigley.