Law & Technology: Know Your Rights

The BU/MIT Technology Law Clinic is excited to host the fourth edition of our annual IAP class, Law & Technology: Know Your Rights.IAP January 2020 flyer

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Are you a researcher, activist, or entrepreneur? Do you ever wonder how technology laws impact your work? Join us as we review current events and hot topics in technology law, and how they affect student research, activism, and startups. Special guest speakers TBA!

  • January 27-30
  • Media Lab, E14-240
  • Lunch Provided! 

You can find the full schedule by date below. Attend as many presentations as you would like! Please click here to RSVP by January 24.

Monday, Jan. 27 (12–2pm): 

  • Accessing the Archives, Using FOIA to Acquire Government Data
  • Trade Secrets, Patents, & IP: What Can You Protect?

Tuesday, Jan. 28 (12–2pm)

  • Cybersecurity Research in the Shadow of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • HIPAA and Health Privacy: What Researchers and Startups Need to Know

Wednesday, Jan. 29 (12–2pm)

  • The TLDR on GDPR: An Introduction for Students
  • Navigating Biometric Data Regulations in the U.S.

Thursday, Jan. 30 (12-2:30pm)

  • Human v. Machine: Who Owns the Copyright?
  • Disability Law and the Internet: The Future of Digital Accessibility
  • App Development: Break Boundaries, Not the Law

We hope to see you there!