TCNS December 2016

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
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Volume 3 (2016), Issue 4 (December)
Table of Contents
Overview: Collective Control of Multi-agent Systems Steffi Knorn, Zhiyong Chen, Richard Middleton p.334
Robustness analysis of network modularity Jongrae Kim, Kwang-Hyun Cho p.348

Multiagent Consensus With Noisy Communication: Stopping Rules Based on Network Graphs

Ryosuke Morita, Takayuki Wada, Izumi Masubuchi, Toru Asai, Yasumasa Fujisaki p.358
Joint Centrality Distinguishes Optimal Leaders in Noisy Networks Katherine Fitch, Naomi Ehrich Leonard p.366
Identifying topologies of complex dynamical networks with stochastic perturbations Xiaoqun Wu, Zhao Xueyi, Jinhu Lu, Longkun Tang, Junan Lu p.379