September 2019

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems

Special Issue: Analysis, Control, and Optimization of Energy System Networks

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September 2019      Volume 6      Number 3      ITCNAY      (ISSN 2325-5870)


Guest Editorial Special Issue on Analysis, Control, and Optimization of Energy Networks
M. Chertkov, M. Jovanovic, B. Lesieutre, S. Low, P. van Hentenryck, and L. Wehenkel
p. 922


Towards Resilient Operation of Multimicrogrids: An MISOCP-Based Frequency-Constrained Approach
A. Gholami and X. A. Sun
p. 925

Control Inversion: A Clustering-Based Method for Distributed Wide Area Control of Power Systems
N. Xue and A. Chakrabortty
p. 937

On Identification of Distribution Grids
O. Ardakanian, V. W. S. Wong, R. Dobbe, S. H. Low, A. von Meier, C. J. Tomlin, and Y. Yuan
p. 950

Operations- and Uncertainty-Aware Installation of FACTS Devices in a Large Transmission System
V. Frolov, P. G. Thakurta, S. Backhaus, J. Bialek, and M. Chertkov
p. 961

Robustness Against Disturbances in Power Systems Under Frequency Constraints
D. Lee, L. Aolaritei, T. L. Vu, and K. Turitsyn
p. 971

Inverter Probing for Power Distribution Network Topology Processing
G. Cavraro and V. Kekatos
p. 980

Voltage Control Using Limited Communication
S. Magnússon, G. Qu, C. Fischione, and N. Li 
p. 993

A Hierarchical Optimization Architecture for Large-Scale Power Networks
S. Shin, P. Hart, T. Jahns, and V. M. Zavala
p. 1004

An Optimal Power-Flow Approach to Improve Power System Voltage Stability Using Demand Response
M. Yao, D. K. Molzahn, and J. L. Mathieu
p. 1015

Small-Scale Markets for a Bilateral Energy Sharing Economy
B. Xia, S. Shakkottai, and V. Subramanian
p. 1026

An Efficient Market Design for Electricity Networks With Strategic Users Possessing Local Information
M. Rasouli and D. Teneketzis
p. 1038

A Stochastic Resource-Sharing Network for Electric Vehicle Charging
A. Aveklouris, M. Vlasiou, and B. Zwart
p. 1050

Chance-Constrained Unit Commitment With N-1 Security and Wind Uncertainty
K. Sundar, H. Nagarajan, L. Roald, S. Misra, R. Bent, and D. Bienstock
p. 1062

Reliability Contracts Between Renewable and Natural Gas Power Producers
D. D’Achiardi, N. Aguiar, S. Baros, V. Gupta,  and A. M. Annaswamy
p. 1075

Spurious Local Minima in Power System State Estimation
R. Y. Zhang, J. Lavaei, and R. Baldick
p. 1086

Distributed Coordination of Flexible Loads Using Locational Marginal Prices
X. Gong, A. De Paola, D. Angeli, and G. Strbac
p. 1097

On the Need for Communication for Voltage Regulation of Power Distribution Grids
S. Bolognani, R. Carli, G. Cavraro, and S. Zampieri
p. 1111

Distributed Energy Resource Coordination Over Time-Varying Directed Communication Networks
T. Yang, D. Wu, H. Fang, W. Ren, H. Wang, Y. Hong, and K .H. Johansson
p. 1124

Probabilistically Robust AC Optimal Power Flow
M. Chamanbaz, F. Dabbene, and C. M. Lagoa
p. 1135

The Effect of Transmission-Line Dynamics on Grid-Forming Dispatchable Virtual Oscillator Control
D. Groß, M. Colombino, J.-S. Brouillon, and F. Dörfler
p. 1148

Temperature Overloads in Power Grids Under Uncertainty: A Large Deviations Approach
T. Nesti, J. Nair, and B. Zwart
p. 1161

Robust Scale-Free Synthesis for Frequency Control in Power Systems
R. Pates and E. Mallada
p. 1174

Variance-Aware Optimal Power Flow: Addressing the Tradeoff Between Cost, Security, and Variability
D. Bienstock and A. Shukla
p. 1185

Real-Time Feedback-Based Optimization of Distribution Grids: A Unified Approach
A. Bernstein and E. Dall’Anese
p. 1197

Robust Control for Renewable-Integrated Power Networks Considering Input Bound Constraints and Worst Case Uncertainty Measure
A. F. Taha, M. Bazrafshan, S. A. Nugroho, N. Gatsis, and J. Qi
p. 1210

Distributionally Robust Chance-Constrained Optimal Power Flow Assuming Unimodal Distributions With Misspecified Modes
B. Li, R. Jiang, and J. L. Mathieu
p. 1223

Convex Restriction of Power Flow Feasibility Sets
D. Lee, H. D. Nguyen, K. Dvijotham, and K. Turitsyn
p. 1235

Geographically Coordinated Primary Frequency Control
J. Comden, T. N. Le, Y. Zhao, B. J. Choi, and Z. Liu
p. 1246

Optimal Flexibility Control of Large-Scale Distributed Heterogeneous Loads in the Power Grid
R. Ghaemi, M. Abbaszadeh, and P. G. Bonanni
p. 1256

Worst-Case Load Shedding in Electric Power Networks
F. Lin
p. 1269