Agenda Day 2 – October 17, 2017

Location: Photonics Center, 8 Saint Mary’s Street, Room 906

9:00AM 9:30AM Breakfast
Begin End Talk Title Speakers

Session 4: Biological Networks

Chair & Organizer: Ioannis Paschalidis

9:30AM 10:00AM

“Power Network” of Genetic Circuits: Hidden Interactions and Their Mitigation Through Decentralized Feedback Control

Domitilla Del Vecchio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

10:00AM 10:30AM

From Genetic Traits to Edgetic Traits

Marc Vidal, Harvard University

10:30AM 11:00AM Observing and Controlling the States of Nonlinear Biological Networks Adilson Motter, Northwestern University
11:00AM 11:30AM

Global Mapping of Protein Interaction Networks

Andrew Emili, Boston University

11:30AM 1:00PM

LUNCH and Poster Session

Session 5: Social Networks and Transportation Networks

Chairs & Organizers: Fabio Fagnani and Giacomo Como

1:00PM 1:30PM

Network Games: Information, Consensus, and Control

Ben Golub, Harvard University

1:30PM 2:00PM Aggregate Reward Programs Amir Ajorlou, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2:00PM 2:30PM Analysis and Control of Traffic Flow on Signalized Arterial Networks Ketan Savla, University of Southern California
2:30PM 3:00PM On Distributed Control of Flow Networks via Generalized Proportional Allocation Giacomo Como, Politecnico di Torino and Lund University
3:00PM 3:10PM Closing Remarks