March 2020

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems

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March 2020   Volume 7   Number 1   ITCNAY   (ISSN 2325-5870)


The IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems and the Evolution of the Field
Ioannis Ch. Paschalidis


A Flexible Synthesis Framework of Structured Controllers for Networked Systems
C. A. Rösinger and C. W. Schere
p. 6

Finite-Time Consensus for Linear Multiagent Systems via Event-Triggered Strategy Without Continuous Communication
C. Du, X. Liu, W. Ren, P. Lu, and H. Liu
p. 19

A Stability Analysis Framework for Multiantenna Multisensor Cyber-Physical Systems With Rank-Deficient Measurement Matrices
S. Cai and V. K. N. Lau
p. 30

Distributed Convex Optimization on State-Dependent Undirected Graphs: Homogeneity Technique
H. Hong, X. Yu, W. Yu, D. Zhang, and G. Wen
p. 42

State Estimation of Multichannel Networked Discrete Event Systems
F. Lin, W. Wang, L. Han, and B. Shen
p. 53

Convex Relaxations of the Network Flow Problem Under Cycle Constraints
M. Zholbaryssov and A. D. Domínguez-García 
p. 64

Distributed Continuous-Time Nonsmooth Convex Optimization With Coupled Inequality Constraints
X. Li, L. Xie, and Y. Hong
p. 74

Distributed Stopping Criterion for Consensus in the Presence of Delays
M. Prakash, S. Talukdar, S. Attree, V. Yadav, and M. V. Salapaka
p. 85

How Will the Presence of Autonomous Vehicles Affect the Equilibrium State of Traffic Networks?
N. Mehr and R. Horowitz
p. 96

On the Robustness of Complex Systems With Multipartitivity Structures Under Node Attacks
Q. Cai, S. Alam, and J. Liu
p. 106

Adaptive Protocol Design For Distributed Tracking With Relative Output Information: A Distributed Fixed-Time Observer Approach
Y. Lv, G. Wen, and T. Huang
p. 118

Dynamic NE Seeking for Multi-Integrator Networked Agents With Disturbance Rejection
A. R. Romano and L. Pavel
p. 129

Distributed Adaptive Time-Varying Group Formation Tracking for Multiagent Systems With Multiple Leaders on Directed Graphs
J. Hu, P. Bhowmick and A. Lanzon
p. 140

Optimal Energy Consumption for Communication, Computation, Caching, and Quality Guarantee
F. Zafari, J. Li, K. K. Leung, D. Towsley, and A. Swami
p. 151

Stabilizing Scheduling Policies for Networked Control Systems
A. Kundu and D. E. Quevedo
p. 163

Verification of Delay Co-Observability for Discrete Event Systems
P. Xu, S. Shu, and F. Lin
p. 176

Comment on “Detecting Topology Variations in Networks of Linear Dynamical Systems”
S. Roy, M. Xue, G. Battistelli, and P. Tesi
p. 187

Convergence Analysis of Signed Nonlinear Networks
H. Chen, D. Zelazo, X. Wang, and L. Shen
p. 189

The Outputs Robustness of Boolean Control Networks via Pinning Control
B. Li, J. Lu, Y. Liu, and Z.-G. Wu
p. 201

Controlling Parent Systems Through Swarms Using Abstraction
K. L. Crandall and A. M. Wickenheiser
p. 210

Performance Measures in Electric Power Networks Under Line Contingencies
T. Coletta and P. Jacquod
p. 221

Observation-Driven Scheduling for Remote Estimation of Two Gaussian Random Variables
M. M. Vasconcelos and U. Mitra
p. 232

Globally Convergent Distributed Network Localization Using Locally Measured Bearings
X. Li, X. Luo, and S. Zhao
p. 245

Consensus Disturbance Rejection for Linear Multiagent Systems With Directed Switching Communication Topologies
P. Wang, G. Wen, X. Yu, W. Yu, and Y. Lv
p. 254

Differential Privacy for Network Identification
V. Katewa, A. Chakrabortty, and V. Gupta
p. 266

Distributed Inference of the Multiplex Network Topology of Complex Systems
D. A. B. Lombana, R. A. Freeman, and K. Lynch
p. 278

Distributed Fault-Tolerant Control of Large-Scale Systems: An Active Fault Diagnosis Approach
F. Boem, A. J. Gallo, D. M. Raimondo, and T. Parisini
p. 288

Stability Conditions for Cluster Synchronization in Networks of Heterogeneous Kuramoto Oscillators
T. Menara, G. Baggio, D. S. Bassett, and F. Pasqualetti
p. 302

Distributed C-Means Clustering Via Broadcast-Only Token Passing
L. Faramondi, G. Oliva, R. Setola, and C. N. Hadjicostis
p. 315

Truthful Data Quality Elicitation for Quality-Aware Data Crowdsourcing
X. Gong and N. B. Shroff
p. 326

False Data Injection and Detection in LQG Systems: A Game Theoretic Approach
R. Zhang and P. Venkitasubramaniam
p. 338

Stability of SIS Spreading Processes in Networks With Non-Markovian Transmission and Recovery
M. Ogura and V. M. Preciado
p. 349

Sensor Placement for Optimal Control of Infinite-Dimensional Systems
Q. Hou and A. Clark
p. 360

Robust Distributed Estimation of the Maximum of a Field
S. Manfredi and D. Angeli
p. 372

On the Interaction Between Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems and the Power Network: Models and Coordination Algorithms
F. Rossi, R. Iglesias, M. Alizadeh, and M. Pavone
p. 384

Optimal Secure Two-Layer IoT Network Design
J. Chen, C. Touati, and Q. Zhu
p. 398

Multistage Complex Contagionsin Random Multiplex Networks
Y. Zhuang and O. Yag ̆an
p. 410

Online Optimization as a Feedback Controller: Stability and Tracking
M. Colombino, E. Dall’Anese, and A. Bernstein
p. 422

From Dissipativity Theory to Compositional Abstractions of Interconnected Stochastic Hybrid Systems
A. U. Awan and M. Zamani
p. 433

Two-Way Gaussian Networks With a Jammer and Decentralized Control
C. McDonald, F. Alajaji, and S. Yu ̈ksel
p. 446

Distributed H∞ Estimation Resilient to Biasing Attacks
V. Ugrinovskii
p. 458

Resilient Consensus Through Event-Based Communication
Y. Wang and H. Ishii
p. 471

Constraint-Coupled Distributed Optimization: A Relaxation and Duality Approach
I. Notarnicola and G. Notarstefano
p. 483

Motion Feasibility Conditions for Multiagent Control Systems on Lie Groups
L. J. Colombo and D. V. Dimarogonas
p. 493

Distributed Consensus-Based Multitarget Filtering and Its Application in Formation-Containment Control
Y. Zhang, L. Sun, and G. Hu
p. 503

Reconstructibility Analysis and Observer Design for Boolean Control Networks
Z. Zhang, T. Leifeld, and P. Zhang
p. 516