March 2019

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems

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March 2019      Volume 6      Number 1      ITCNAY      (ISSN 2325-5870)


Stochastic Robust Simulation and Stability Properties of Chemical Reaction Networks
C. Possieri and A. R. Teel
p. 2

Leader-Following Synchronization of Coupled Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Harmonic Oscillators Based on Relative Position Measurements
Q. Song, F. Liu, J. Cao, A. V. Vasilakos, and Y. Tang
p. 13

Risk-Averse Access Point Selection in Wireless Communication Networks
W.-J. Ma, C. Oh, Y. Liu, D. Dentcheva, and M. M. Zavlanos
p. 24

Optimal Water–Power Flow-Problem: Formulation and Distributed Optimal Solution
A. S. Zamzam, E. Dall’Anese, C. Zhao, J. A. Taylor, and N. D. Sidiropoulos
p. 37

Worst-Case Innovation-Based Integrity Attacks With Side Information on Remote State Estimation
Z. Guo, D. Shi, K. H. Johansson, and L. Shi
p. 48

Differentially Private Consensus With an Event-Triggered Mechanism
L. Gao, S. Deng, and W. Ren
p. 60

Attractor Stabilizability of Boolean Networks With Application to Biomolecular Regulatory Networks
M. R. Rafimanzelat and F. Bahrami
p. 72

Distributed Algorithm to Solve a System of Linear Equations With Unique or Multiple Solutions From Arbitrary Initializations
P. Wang, W. Ren, and Z. Duan
p. 82

Geometric Analysis of Estimability of Target Object Shape Using Location-Unknown Distance Sensors
H. Saito and H. Honda
p. 94

Time-Scale Separation in Networks: State-Dependent Graphs and Consensus Tracking
A. Awad, A. Chapman, E. Schoof, A. Narang-Siddarth, and M. Mesbahi
p. 104

Analysis, Control, and Evaluation of Mobility-on-Demand Systems: A Queueing-Theoretical Approach
R. Zhang, F. Rossi, and M. Pavone
p. 115

Achieving Robust Average Consensus Over Lossy Wireless Networks
F. Acciani, P. Frasca, G. Heijenk, and A. A. Stoorvogel
p. 127

Optimal Auction Design for Flexible Consumers
S. Navabi and A. Nayyar
p. 138

An Information Analysis of Iterative Algorithms for Network Utility Maximization and Strategic Games
T. Alpcan, E. Nekouei, G. N. Nair, and R. J. Evans
p. 151

Bayesian Filtering With Unknown Sensor Measurement Losses
J. Zhang, K. You, and L. Xie

Controlling Directed Networks With Evolving Topologies
G. Li, J. Ding, C. Wen, L. Wang, and F. Guo
p. 176

A Resistance-Distance-Based Approach for Optimal Leader Selection in Noisy Consensus Networks
S. Patterson, Y. Yi, and Z. Zhang
p. 191

Influence of Conformist and Manipulative Behaviors on Public Opinion
S. R. Etesami, S. Bolouki, A. Nedić, T. Başar, and H. V. Poor
p. 202

Verification and Dynamics of Group-Based Potential Games
C. Li, F. He, T. Liu, and D. Cheng
p. 215

Connectivity of Wireless Sensor Networks Secured by Heterogeneous Key Predistribution Under an On/Off Channel Model
R. Eletreby and O. Yağan
p. 225

Finite-Time Connectivity-Preserving Consensus for Second-Order Nonlinear Multiagent Systems
H. Hong, W. Yu, J. Fu, and X. Yu
p. 236

Retail and Wholesale Electricity Pricing Considering Electric Vehicle Mobility
M. Alizadeh, H.-T. Wai, A. Goldsmith, and A. Scaglione
p. 249

Scheduled-Asynchronous Distributed Algorithm for Optimal Power Flow
C.-Y. Chang, J. Cortés, and S. Martinez
p. 261

On the Structural Perspective of Computational Effectiveness for Quantized Consensus in Layered UAV Networks
Y. Wan, J. Yan, Z. Lin, V. Sheth, and S. K. Das
p. 276

Robust Global Synchronization of Brockett Oscillators
H. Ahmed, R. Ushirobira, and D. Efimov
p. 289

Distributed Generalized Nash Equilibria Computation of Monotone Games via Double-Layer Preconditioned Proximal-Point Algorithms
P. Yi and L. Pavel
p. 299

Minimal Edge Addition for Network Controllability
X. Chen, S. Pequito, G. J. Pappas, and V. M. Preciado
p. 312

Adaptive Leader Following in Networks of Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems: Algorithms and Global Convergence Analysis
M. S. Radenkovic ́ and M. Krstic ́
p. 324

Attack-Resilient Pulse-Coupled Synchronization
Z. Wang and Y. Wang
p. 338

Structured Decentralized Control of Positive Systems With Applications to Combination Drug Therapy and Leader Selection in Directed Networks
N. K. Dhingra, M. Colombino, and M. R. Jovanovic ́
p. 352

Demand Shaping in Cellular Networks
X. Zhou and L. Chen
p. 363

Robustness of Synchronization to Additive Noise: How Vulnerability Depends on Dynamics
M. Porfiri and M. Frasca
p. 375

Cooperative Semiglobal Robust Output Regulation of Non-Introspective Nonlinear Agents With Partial Normal Form and State-Dependent High-Frequency Gain
L. Wang, C. Wen, and H. Su
p. 388

A Dual Splitting Approach for Distributed Resource Allocation With Regularization
J. Xu, S. Zhu, Y. C. Soh, and L. Xie
p. 403

A Microscopic Model for Lane-Less Traffic
A. K. Mulla, A. Joshi, R. Chavan, D. Chakraborty, and D. Manjunath
p. 415

Classification of the Structurally Controllable Zero-Patterns for Driftless Bilinear Control Systems
A. Tsopelakos, M.-A. Belabbas, and B. Gharesifard
p. 429

Security Against Impersonation Attacks in Distributed Systems
P. N. Brown, H. P. Borowski, and J. R. Marden
p. 440

EXPOSE the Line Failures Following a Cyber-Physical Attack on the Power Grid
S. Soltan and G. Zussman
p. 451