March 2018


IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
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Volume 5, (2018), Issue 1 (March) 
Table of Contents
A. Franchi and P.R. Giordano Online Leader Selection for Improved Collective Tracking and Formation Maintenance 3
J.-W. Zhu and G.-H. Yang Robust Distributed Fault Estimation for a Network of Dynamical Systems

S. Su and Z. Lin A Multiple Lyapunov Function Approach to Distributed Synchronization Control of Multi-Agent Systems With Switching Directed Communication Topologies and Unknown Nonlinearities 23
S. Lee, A. Nedic, and M. Raginsky Coordinate Dual Averaging for Decentralized Online Optimization With Nonseparable Global Objectives 34
D. Martinec, I. Herman, and M. Sebek On the Necessity of Symmetric Positional Coupling for String Stability 45
Z. Feng, G. Hu, W. Ren, W. E. Dixon, and J. Mei Distributed Coordination of Multiple Unknown Euler-Lagrange Systems 55
R. Abdolee, V. Vakilian, and B. Champagne Tracking Performance and Optimal Adaptation Step-Sizes of Diffusion-LMS Networks 67
Z. Zhang, Y. Shi, Z. Zhang, H. Zhang, and S. Bi Modified Order-Reduction Method for Distributed Control of Multi-Spacecraft Networks With Time-Varying Delays 79
R. Deng, S. He, and J. Chen An Online Algorithm for Data Collection by Multiple Sinks in Wireless-Sensor Networks 93
D.H. Nguyen Minimum-Rank Dynamic Output Consensus Design for Heterogeneous Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems 105
M. Rungger and M. Zamani Compositional Construction of Approximate Abstractions of Interconnected Control Systems 116
D. Soudbakhsh, L. T. X. Phan, A. M. Annaswamy, and O. Sokolsky Co-Design of Arbitrated Network Control Systems With Overrun Strategies 128
G. Foderaro, P. Zhu, H. Wei, T. A. Wettergren, and S. Ferrari Distributed Optimal Control of Sensor Networks for Dynamic Target Tracking 142
A. De Paola, D. Angeli, and G. Strbac Integration of Price-Responsive Appliances in the Energy Market Through Flexible Demand Saturation 154
S. Liu, L. Xie, and D. E. Quevedo Event-Triggered Quantized Communication-Based Distributed Convex Optimization 167
F. Li Stability of Boolean Networks With Delays Using Pinning Control 179
M.A. Fabbro, I. Shames, and M. Cantoni Analysis of Model and Iteration Dependencies in Distributed Feasible-Point Algorithms for Optimal Control Computation 186
G. Oliva, R. Setola, L. Glielmo, and C. N. Hadjicostis Distributed Cycle Detection and Removal 194
S. Z. Khong, E. Lovisari, and C.-Y. Kao Robust Synchronization in Multi-Agent Networks With Unstable Dynamics 205
J. Lu and C.Y. Tang A Distributed Algorithm for Solving Positive Definite Linear Equations Over Networks With Membership Dynamics 215
R. Fabbiano, F. Garin, and C. Canudas-de-Wit Distributed Source Seeking Without Global Position Information 228
X. Ren, K. H. Johansson, D. Shi, and L. Shi Quickest Change Detection in Adaptive Censoring Sensor Networks 239
H. Mangesius, D. Xue, and S. Hirche Consensus Driven by the Geometric Mean 251
A.R. Hota and S. Sundaram Interdependent Security Games on Networks Under Behavioral Probability Weighting 262
A. S. Kolarijani and M. Mazo Formal Traffic Characterization of LTI Event-Triggered Control Systems 274
E. Nekouei, T. Alpcan, G. N. Nair, and R. J. Evans Convergence Analysis of Quantized Primal-Dual Algorithms in Network Utility Maximization Problems 284
N. J. Watkins, C. Nowzari, V. M. Preciado, and G. J. Pappas Optimal Resource Allocation for Competitive Spreading Processes on Bilayer Networks 298
E. Bartocci, E. A. Gol, I. Haghighi, and C. Belta A Formal Methods Approach to Pattern Recognition and Synthesis in Reaction Diffusion Networks 308
K. Sakurama, E. I. Verriest, and M. Egerstedt Scalable Stability and Time-Scale Separation of Networked, Cascaded Systems 321
Y. Xu, E. Alfonsetti, P. C. Weeraddana, and C. Fischione A Semidistributed Approach for the Feasible Min-Max Fair Agent-Assignment Problem With Privacy Guarantees 333
K. Sakurama, S.-I. Azuma, and T. Sugie Multi-Agent Coordination to High-Dimensional Target Subspaces 345
G. Battistelli, L. Chisci, and D. Selvi Distributed Averaging of Exponential-Class Densities With Discrete-Time Event-Triggered Consensus 359
J. Thai, C. Yuan, and A. M. Bayen Resiliency of Mobility-as-a-Service Systems to Denial-of-Service Attacks 370
H. Zhang, Y. Qi, J. Wu, L. Fu, and L. He DoS Attack Energy Management Against Remote State Estimation 383
E. Nozari, P. Tallapragada, and J. Cortes´ Differentially Private Distributed Convex Optimization via Functional Perturbation 395
Y. Khazaeni and C. G. Cassandras Event-Driven Cooperative Receding Horizon Control for Multi-Agent Systems in Uncertain Environments 409
R. Kamalapurkar, J. R. Klotz, P. Walters, and W. E. Dixon Model-Based Reinforcement Learning in Differential Graphical Games 423
J. R. Klotz, A. Parikh, T.-H. Cheng, and W. E. Dixon Decentralized Synchronization of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With a Reputation Algorithm 434
K.E. Avrachenkov and V. S. Borkar Whittle Index Policy for Crawling Ephemeral Content 446
T.W. Grunberg and D. F. Gayme Performance Measures for Linear Oscillator Networks Over Arbitrary Graphs 456
T. Wigren and R. Karaki Globally Stable Wireless Data Flow Control 469
W. Krichene, M. S. Castillo, and A. Bayen On Social Optimal Routing Under Selfish Learning 479
E. Nuño Consensus of Euler-Lagrange Systems Using Only Position Measurements 489
S. Soltan, M. Yannakakis, and G. Zussman Power Grid State Estimation Following a Joint Cyber and Physical Attack 499
M. Khonji, C.-K. Chau, and K. Elbassioni Optimal Power Flow With Inelastic Demands for Demand Response in Radial Distribution Networks 513
A. S. R. Ferreira, C. Meissen, M. Arcak, and A. Packard Symmetry Reduction for Performance Certification of Interconnected Systems 525
S. R. Etesami and T. Başar Pure Nash Equilibrium in a Capacitated Selfish Resource Allocation Game 536
G. Cofano, L. De Cicco, and S. Mascolo Modeling and Design of Adaptive Video Streaming Control Systems 548
M.Farina and R. Carli Partition-Based Distributed Kalman Filter With Plug and Play Features 560
M.S. Stanković, S. S. Stanković, and K. H. Johansson Asynchronous Distributed Blind Calibration of Sensor Networks Under Noisy Measurements 571
P. Lee, A. Clark, B. Alomair, L. Bushnell, and R. Poovendran Adaptive Mitigation of Multi-Virus Propagation: A Passivity-Based Approach 583
N. Nayyar, D. Kalathil, and R. Jain On Regret-Optimal Learning in Decentralized Multiplayer Multiarmed Bandits 597
O. Javidbakht and P. Venkitasubramaniam Relay Selection and Operation Control for Optimal Delay Anonymity Tradeoff in Anonymous Networks 607
J. Zhao Analyzing Connectivity of Heterogeneous Secure Sensor Networks 618
J. Sun, Z. Geng, Y. Lv, Z. Li, and Z. Ding Distributed Adaptive Consensus Disturbance Rejection for Multi-Agent Systems on Directed Graphs 629
A. Roza, M. Maggiore, and L. Scardovi A Smooth Distributed Feedback for Global Rendezvous of Unicycles 640
N. Nayyar, D. Kalathil, and R. Jain Optimal Decentralized Control With Asymmetric One-Step Delayed Information Sharing 653
J. Mu, X.-G. Yan, S. K. Spurgeon, and D. Zhao Nonlinear Sliding Mode Control for Interconnected Systems With Application to Automated Highway Systems 664
H. Beikzadeh and H. J. Marquez Robust Sampled-Data Bilateral Teleoperation: Single-Rate and Multirate Stabilization 675