June 2019

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems

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June 2019      Volume 6      Number 2      ITCNAY      (ISSN 2325-5870)


Structural Oscillatority Analysis of Boolean Networks
S.-I. Azuma, T. Yoshida, and T. Sugie
p. 464

Broadcast and Gossip Stochastic Average Consensus Algorithms in Directed Topologie
D. Silvestre, J. P. Hespanha, and C. Silvestre
p. 474

Locality in Network Optimization
P. Rebeschini and S. Tatikonda
p. 487

Mitigation and Recovery From Cascading Failures in Interdependent Networks Under Uncertainty
D. Z. Tootaghaj, N. Bartolini, H. Khamfroush, T. He, N. R. Chaudhuri, and T. L. Porta

Output Synchronization of Unknown Heterogeneous Agents via Distributed Model Reference Adaptation
S. Baldi, S. Yuan, and P. Frasca
p. 515

Nonovershooting Cooperative Output Regulation of Linear Multiagent Systems by Dynamic Output Feedback
R. Schmid and H. D. Aghbolagh
p. 526

Time-Varying Output Formation Containment of General Linear Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Multiagent System
S. Zuo, Y. Song, F. L. Lewis, and A. Davoudi
p. 537

Tracking and Control of Gauss–Markov Processes over Packet-Drop Channels with Acknowledgments
A. Khina, V. Kostina, A. Khisti, and B. Hassibi
p. 549

Leader Tracking of Euler–Lagrange Agents on Directed Switching Networks Using a Model-Independent Algorithm
M. Ye, B. D. O. Anderson, and C. Yu
p. 561

Hybrid Interconnection of Iterative Bidding and Power Network Dynamics for Frequency Regulation and Optimal Dispatch
T. Stegink, A. Cherukuri, C. De Persis, A. van der Schaft, and J. Cortés
p. 572

Hierarchical-Structure-Based Fault Estimation and Fault-Tolerant Control for Multiagent Systems
C. Liu, B. Jiang, R. J. Patton, and K. Zhang
p. 586

Nonlinear Consensus Protocols With Applications to Quantized Communication and Actuation
J. Wei, X. Yi, H. Sandberg, and K. H. Johansson
p. 598

Distributed Time-Varying Output Formation Control for General Linear Multiagent Systems With Directed Topology
R. Wang, X. Dong, Q. Li, and Z. Ren
p. 609

Motion-Communication Co-Optimization With Cooperative Load Transfer in Mobile Robotics: An Optimal Control Perspective
U. Ali, H. Cai, Y. Mostofi, and Y. Wardi
p. 621

On Robustness Analysis of a Dynamic Average Consensus Algorithm to Communication Delay
H. Moradian and S. S. Kia
p. 633

Optimization Dynamics: A Bus-Level Distributed Approach for Optimal Power Flows
X. Ma and N. Elia
p. 642

DoS Attacks on Remote State Estimation With Asymmetric Information
K. Ding, X. Ren, D. E. Quevedo, S. Dey, and L. Shi

Analysis and Design of Actuation–Sensing–Communication Interconnection Structures Toward Secured/Resilient LTI Closed-Loop Systems
S. Pequito, F. Khorrami, P. Krishnamurthy, and G. J. Pappas

Enabling Privacy-Preservation in Decentralized Optimization
C. Zhang and Y. Wang
p. 679

Distributed Estimation of State and Parameters in Multiagent Cooperative Load Manipulation
A. Franchi, A. Petitti, and A. Rizzo

Finite-Time Bearing-Only Formation Control via Distributed Global Orientation Estimation
Q. V. Tran, M. H. Trinh, D. Zelazo, D. Mukherjee, and H.-S. Ahn
p. 702

Simulation-Based Distributed Coordination Maximization Over Networks
H. Jang, J. Shin, and Y. Yi
p. 713

Incentive-Based Control of Asynchronous Best-Response Dynamics on Binary Decision Networks
J. Riehl, P. Ramazi, and M. Cao
p. 727

Safe Multiquadcopter System Continuum Deformation Over Moving Frames
H. Rastgoftar, E. M. Atkins, and D. Panagou

Time-Varying Sensor and Actuator Selection for Uncertain Cyber-Physical Systems
A. F. Taha, N. Gatsis, T. Summers, and S. A. Nugroho

Utilization of Water Supply Networks for Harvesting Renewable Energy
H. Fooladivanda, A. D. Domínguez-García, and P. W. Sauer

Cactus-Expandable Graphs
S.-I. Azuma, T. Kure, T. Yoshida, and T. Sugie

Regional H∞ Synchronization of Identical Linear Multiagent Systems Under Input Saturation
L. D. Col, I. Queinnec, S. Tarbouriech, and L. Zaccarian
p. 789

Distributed Fault Detection for Interconnected Large-Scale Systems: A Scalable Plug & Play Approach
F. Boem, R. Carli, M. Farina, G. Ferrari-Trecate, and T. Parisini
p. 800

Asymptotic Network Robustness
T. Sarkar, M. Roozbehani, and M. A. Dahleh
p. 812

An Event-Triggered Output-Based Model Predictive Control Strategy
F. Berkel and S. Liu
p. 822

LQ Secure Control for Cyber-Physical Systems Against Sparse Sensor and Actuator Attacks
L. An and G.-H. Yang
p. 833

Identification of Critical Nodes in Large-Scale Spatial Networks
V. Krishnan and S. Martínez
p. 842

Maximum Hands-Off Distributed Control for Consensus of Multiagent Systems with Sampled-Data State Observation
T. Ikeda, M. Nagahara, and K. Kashima
p. 852

Finite-Time and Fixed-Time Synchronization of Kuramoto-Oscillator Network With Multiplex Control
J. Wu and X. Li
p. 863

Pinning Controllability of Complex Network Systems With Noise
D. A. Burbano-L., G. Russo, and M. di Bernardo
p. 874

Competition and Efficiency of Coalitions in Cournot Games With Uncertainty
B. Zhang, R. Johari, and R. Rajagopal
p. 884

Input and State Observability of Network Systems With Time-Varying Topology
S. Gracy, F. Garin, and A. Y. Kibangou
p. 897

Predictive Coding and Control
C.-C. Huang, B. Amini, and R. R. Bitmead
p. 906