Special Issue: Approaches to Control Biological and Biologically Inspired Networks

June 2018     Volume 5    Number 2    (ISSN  2325-5870)


Introduction to the Special Issue on Approaches to Control Biological and Biologically Inspired Networks

R. Albert, J. Baillieul, and A. E. Motter 690
State Observation and Sensor Selection for Nonlinear Networks A. Haber, F. Molnar, and A. E. Motter 694
Selecting Sensors in Biological Fractional-Order Systems V. Tzoumas, Y. Xue, S. Pequito, P. Bogdan, and G. J. Pappas 709
 Network Identification With Latent Nodes via Autoregressive Models E. Nozari, Y.  Zhao, and J. Cortés 722
Identification of Nonlinear State-Space Systems From Heterogeneous Datasets W. Pan, Y. Yuan, L. Ljung, J. Gonçalves, and G.-B. Stan 737
Combinatorial Algorithms for Control of Biological Regulatory Networks A. Clark, P. Lee, B. Alomair, L. Bushnell, and R. Poovendran 748
Control of Gene Regulatory Networks With Noisy Measurements and Uncertain Inputs M. Imani and U. M. Braga-Neto 760
Controllability of Conjunctive Boolean Networks With Application to Gene Regulation Z. Gao, X. Chen, and T. Başar 770
Aggregates of Monotonic Step Response Systems: A Structural Classification F. Blanchini, C. C. Samaniego, E. Franco, and G. Giordano 782
Multiagent Decision-Making Dynamics Inspired by Honeybees R. Gray, A. Franci, V. Srivastava, and N. E. Leonard 793
Design Constraints for Biological Systems That Achieve Adaptation and Disturbance Rejection
H. Steel and A. Papachristodoulou