TCNS June 2015

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 
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Volume 2 (2015), Issue 2 (June)
Table of Contents
Statistical Traffic Anomaly Detection in Time-Varying Communication Networks J. Wang and I. C. Paschalidis 100
Distributed Consensus Observers-Based H1 Control of Dissipative PDE Systems Using Sensor Networks H.-N. Wu and H.-D. Wang 112
Collision-Free Formation Control with Decentralized Connectivity Preservation for Nonholonomic-Wheeled Mobile Robots H. A. Poonawala, A. C. Satici, H. Eckert, and M. W. Spong 122
Adaptive Synchronization of Diffusively Coupled Systems S. Y. Shafi and M. Arcak 131
Emergent Behaviors Over Signed Random Dynamical Networks: State-Flipping Model G. Shi, A. Proutiere, M. Johansson, J. S. Baras, and K. H. Johansson 142
Distributed PID Control for Consensus of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Networks D. A. Burbano Lombana and M. di Bernardo 154
Capacity-Aware Backpressure Traffic Signal Control J. Gregoire, X. Qian, E. Frazzoli, A. de La Fortelle, and T. Wongpiromsarn 164
Asymptotic Synchronization of a Leader-Follower Network of Uncertain Euler-Lagrange Systems J. R. Klotz, Z. Kan, J. M. Shea, E. L. Pasiliao, Jr., and W. E. Dixon 174
Detection and Isolation of Failures in Directed Networks of LTI Systems M. A. Rahimian and V. M. Preciado 183
Specification and Synthesis of Reactive Protocols for Aircraft Electric Power Distribution H. Xu, U. Topcu, and R. M. Murray 193
Event-Triggered Pinning Control of Switching Networks A. Adaldo, F. Alderisio, D. Liuzza, G. Shi, D. V. Dimarogonas, M. di Bernardo, and K. H. Johansson 204