TCNS Sept. 2014

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 
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Volume 1 (2014), Issue 3 (September)
Table of Contents
Remote Estimation With Noisy Measurements Subject to Packet Loss and Quantization Noise S. Dey, A. Chiuso, and L. Schenato 204
To Go or Not to Go: On Energy-Aware and Communication-Aware Robotic Operation Y. Yan and Y. Mostofi 218
Formation Control for High-Order Linear Time-Invariant Multiagent Systems With Time Delays X. Dong, J. Xi, G. Lu, and Y. Zhong 232
On Endogenous Random Consensus and Averaging Dynamics B. Touri and C. Langbort 241
Minimal Controllability Problems A. Olshevsky 249
An Optimal Transmission Strategy for Kalman Filtering Over Packet Dropping Links With Imperfect Acknowledgements M. Nourian, A. S. Leong, S. Dey, and D. E. Quevedo 259
On the Internal Model Principle in the Coordination of Nonlinear Systems C. De Persis and B. Jayawardhana 272
An Asynchronous Consensus-Based Algorithm for Estimation From Noisy Relative Measurements A. Carron, M. Todescato, R. Carli, and L. Schenato 283