TCNS September 2016

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
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Volume 3 (2016), Issue 3 (September)
Table of Contents
Distributed Subspace Consensus in the Presence of Dynamic In-network Disturbance Usman A. Khan, Shuchin Aeron p.220
A Speeding-up and Slowing-down Strategy for Distributed Source Seeking with Robustness Analysis Wencen Wu, Fumin Zhang p. 231
Breaking the Hierarchy: Distributed Control & Economic Optimality in Microgrids Florian Dörfler, John W. Simpson-Porco, Francesco Bullo p. 241
Connecting Automatic Generation Control and Economic Dispatch from an Optimization View Na Li, Changhong Zhao, Lijun Chen p. 254
Minimum-Variance Recursive Filtering over Sensor Networks with Stochastic Sensor Gain Degradation: Algorithms and Performance Analysis Yang Liu, Zidong Wang, Xiao He, Donghua Zhou p. 265
A Cooperative Distributed MPC Algorithm with Event-Based Communication and Parallel Optimization Dominic Grob, Olaf Stursberg p. 275
Synthesis of Distributed Robust H-infinity Controllers for Interconnected Discrete Time Systems Eelco Pascal van Horssen, Siep Weiland p. 286
On the Convergence of Alternating Direction Lagrangian Methods for Nonconvex Structured Optimization Problems Distributed bargaining in dyadic-exchange networks Sindri Magnusson, Pradeep Chathuranga Weeraddana, Michael Rabbat, Carlo Fischione p. 296
Distributed bargaining in dyadic-exchange networks Dean Richert, Jorge Cortes p. 310
Polynomial Complexity Minimum-Time Scheduling in a Class of Wireless Networks Qing He, Vangelis Angelakis, Anthony Ephremides, Di Yuan p. 322