TCNS March 2016

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 
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Volume 3 (2016), Issue 1 (March)
Interconnected Observers for Robust Decentralized Estimation With Performance Guarantees and Optimized Connectivity Graph Y. Li and R. G. Sanfelice p. 1
Distributed Synchronization of Heterogeneous Oscillators on Networks With Arbitrary Topology E. Mallada, R. A. Freeman, and A. K. Tang p. 12
Dynamic Partitioning and Coverage Control With Asynchronous One-to-Base-Station Communication R. Patel, P. Frasca, J. W. Durham, R. Carli, and F. Bullo p. 24
Fluid Models of Population and Download Progress in P2P Networks A. Ferragut and F. Paganini p. 34
Structural Balance and Opinion Separation in TrustYMistrust Social Networks W. Xia, M. Cao, and K. H. Johansson p.46
Network Entropy and Data Rates Required for Networked Control C. Kawan and J.-C. Delvenne p. 57
Minimal Actuator Placement With Bounds on Control Effort V. Tzoumas, M. A. Rahimian, G. J. Pappas, and A. Jadbabaie p. 67
An Instance of Distributed Social Computation: The Multiagent Group Membership Problem L. Coviello and M. Franceschetti p. 79
On Submodularity and Controllability in Complex Dynamical Networks T. H. Summers, F. L. Cortesi, and J. Lygeros p. 91