TCNS June 2014

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
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Volume 1 (2014), Issue 2 (June)
Table of Contents
Title Author Page
Cognitive Cooperative Random Access for Multicast: Stability and Throughput Analysis C. Kam, S. Kompella, G. D. Nguyen, J. E. Wieselthier, A. Ephremides 135
Projection-Based Model Reduction of Multi-Agent Systems Using Graph Partitions N. Monshizadeh, H. L. Trentelman, M. K. Camlibel 145
Multiagent Flocking Under General Communication Rule S. Martin, A. Girard, A. Fazeli, A. Jadbabaie 155
Collective Circular Motion of Unicycle Type Vehicles With Nonidentical Constant Velocities G. S. Seyboth, J. Wu, J. Qin, C. Yu, F. Allgöwer 167
Convex Relaxation of Optimal Power Flow—Part II: Exactness S. H. Low 177
Distributed Weight Balancing Over Digraphs A. I. Rikos, T. Charalambous, C. N. Hadjicostis 190