March 2017

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
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Volume 4 (2017), Issue 1 (March)
Table of Contents
Guest Editorial Special Issue on Secure Control of Cyber-Physical Systems Peng Cheng ; Ling Shi ; Bruno Sinopoli p. 1
Optimal Linear Cyber-Attack on Remote State Estimation Ziyang Guo ; Dawei Shi ; Karl Henrik Johansson ; Ling Shi p, 4
Dynamic State Recovery for Cyber-Physical Systems Under Switching Location Attacks Chensheng Liu ; Jing Wu ; Chengnian Long ; Yebin Wang p.14
Security Assessment of Electricity Distribution Networks Under DER Node Compromises Devendra Shelar ; Saurabh Amin p.23
A Clean Slate Approach to Secure Ad Hoc Wireless Networking-Open Unsynchronized Networks Jonathan Ponniah ; Yih-Chun Hu ; P. R. Kumar p. 37
Secure State Estimation Against Sensor Attacks in the Presence of Noise Shaunak Mishra ; Yasser Shoukry ; Nikhil Karamchandani ; Suhas N. Diggavi ; Paulo Tabuada p. 49
A Graph-Theoretic Characterization of Perfect Attackability for Secure Design of Distributed Control Systems Sean Weerakkody ; Xiaofei Liu ; Sang Hyuk Son ; Bruno Sinopoli p.60
Dynamic Games With Asymmetric Information and Resource Constrained Players With Applications to Security of Cyberphysical Systems Abhishek Gupta ; Cédric Langbort ; Tamer Başar p. 71
Attack-Resilient State Estimation for Noisy Dynamical Systems Miroslav Pajic ; Insup Lee ; George J. Pappas p. 81
Event-Triggered Control Systems Under Denial-of-Service Attacks S. Dolk; P. Tesi; C. De Persis ; W. P. M. H. Heemels p. 93
Coding Schemes for Securing Cyber-Physical Systems Against Stealthy Data Injection Attacks Fei Miao ; Quanyan Zhu ; Miroslav Pajic ; George J. Pappas p. 106
Differential Privacy in Linear Distributed Control Systems: Entropy Minimizing Mechanisms and Performance Tradeoffs Yu Wang ; Zhenqi Huang ; Sayan Mitra ; Geir E. Dullerud p. 118