TCNS December 2015

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 
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Volume 2 (2015), Issue 3 (December)
Table of ContentsOptimal Distributed Finite-Time Consensus On Unknown Undirected Graphs Ghosh and J.-W. Lee p. 323
Information Exchange and Decision Making in Micro Aerial Vehicle Networks for Cooperative Search Khan, E. Yanmaz, and B. Rinner p. 335
H1  Almost Output Synchronization for Heterogeneous Networks Without Exchange of Controller States M. Zhang, A. Saberi, H. F. Grip, and A. A. Stoorvogel p. 348
A Sequential Cluster-Based Approach to Node Localizability of Sensor Networks Y. Diao, M. Fu, Z. Lin, and H. Zhang p. 358
Distributed Finite-Time Average Consensus in Digraphs in the Presence of Time Delaysv Charalambous, Y. Yuan, T. Yang, W. Pan, C. N. Hadjicostis, and M. Johansson p. 370
A Delay-Distribution Approach to Stabilization of Networked Control Systems Tang, J. Wang, and Y. Zhang p. 382
Leader-Following Coordination of Nonlinear Agents Under Time-Varying Communication Topologies D. Priscoli, A. Isidori, L. Marconi, and A. Pietrabissa p. 393
Decentralized Protection Strategies Against SIS Epidemics in Network Trajanovski, Y. Hayel, E. Altman, H. Wang, and P. Van Mieghem p. 406
Decentralized Control of Linear Switched Nested Systems With ‘2 -Induced Norm Performance A. Mishra, C. Langbort, and G. E. Dullerud p. 420