September 2017

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
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Volume 4 (2016), Issue 3 (September)
Table of Contentss
Xudong Chen, Mohamed Ali Belabbas, Tamer Basar Controllability of Formations over Directed Time-varying Graphs 407
Mohammad Akbari, Bahman Gharesifard, Tamas Linder Distributed online convex optimization on time-varying directed graphs 417
Shiyu Zhao, Daniel Zelazo Translational and Scaling Formation Maneuver Control via a Bearing-Based Approach 429
Jeongho Jeon, Anthony Ephremides Channel-Aware Random Access in the Presence of Channel Estimation Errors 439
Daniel U. Campos-Delgado, Martin Luna-Rivera, Alejandro J. Rojas, Carlos A. Gutierrez Power Allocation in Mobile Cellular Communication under Multiplicative Noise and Interference Uncertainty 451
Mac Schwager, Michael P. Vitus, Samantha Powers, Daniela Rus, Claire J. Tomlin Robust Adaptive Coverage Control for Robotic Sensor Networks 462
Jalal Habibi, Hamid Mahboubi, Amir G. Aghdam A Gradient-based Coverage Optimization Strategy for Mobile Sensor Networks 477
Azam Khalili, Amir Rastegarnia, Saeid Sanei Performance Analysis of Incremental LMS over Flat Fading Channels 489
A. Yasin Yazicioglu, Magnus Egerstedt, Jeff S. Shamma Communication-Free Distributed Coverage for Networked Systems 499
Hamidreza Tavafoghi, Demosthenis Teneketzis Multi-Dimensional Forward Contracts under Uncertainty for Electricity Markets 511
Stacy Patterson, Neil McGlohon, Kirill Dyagilev Optimal k-Leader Selection for Coherence and Convergence Rate in One-Dimensional Networks 523
Xiaozhe Wang, Hsiao-Dong Chiang A Hybrid Quasi Steady-State Model for Long-Term Stability Analysis of Electric Power Networks: Model Development and Theoretical Basis 533
Simon Apers, Alain Sarlette Accelerating Consensus by Spectral Clustering and Polynomial Filters 544
Ather Gattami Team Decision Problems with Convex Quadratic Constraints 555
Martin Andreasson, Dimos V. Dimarogonas, Henrik Sandberg, Karl H. Johansson Distributed Controllers for Multi-Terminal HVDC Transmission Systems 564
Li Qiang, Jie Li, Eitan Altman A Novel Distributed Network Selection Scheme for Heterogeneous Wireless Network Environments 575
Chengzhi Yuan, Fen Wu Delay Scheduled Impulsive Control for Networked Control Systems 587
Victor M. Preciado, Michael M. Zavlanos Distributed Network Design for Laplacian Eigenvalue Placement 598
Edo Abraham, Ivan Stoianov Constraint preconditioned inexact Newton method for hydraulic simulation of large-scale water distribution networks 610
Yingbo Zhao, Jorge Cortes Gramian-based reachability metrics for bilinear networks 620
Yuzhe Li, Daniel E. Quevedo, Subhrakanti Dey, Ling Shi SINR-based DoS Attack on Remote State Estimation: A Game-theoretic Approach 632
Nicoletta Bof, Giacomo Baggio, Sandro Zampieri On the Role of Network Centrality in the Controllability of Complex Networks 643
Jason R. Marden The Role of Information in Distributed Resource Allocation 654
Arastoo Fazeli, Amir Ajorlou, Ali Jadbabaie Competitive Diffusion in Social Networks: Quality or Seeding? 665
Sina Y. Caliskan, Paulo Tabuada Corrigendum to “Compositional Transient Stability Analysis of Multi-Machine Power Networks” [TCNS (1) 1, pp. 4-14, March 2014] 676