December 2019

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems

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December 2019      Volume 6      Number 4      ITCNAY      (ISSN 2325-5870)


Distributed Nonlinear Control Design Using Separable Control Contraction Metrics
H. S. Shiromoto, M. Revay, and I. R. Manchester
p. 1281

Controllability and Observability of Boolean Control Networks via Sampled-Data Control
Q. Zhu, Y. Liu, J. Lu, and J. Cao
p. 1291

Distributed Orientation Estimation in SO(d) and Applications to Formation Control and Network Localization
B.-H. Lee, S.-M. Kang, and H.-S. Ahn
p. 1302

Micro Water–Energy Nexus: Optimal Demand-Side Management and Quasi-Convex Hull Relaxation
Q. Li, S. Yu, A. S. Al-Sumaiti, and K. Turitsyn
p. 1313

Consensus of Higher Order Agents: Robustness and Heterogeneity
D. Mukherjee and D. Zelazo
p. 1323

The Impact of Information in Distributed Submodular Maximization
D. Grimsman, M. S. Ali, J. P. Hespanha, and J. R. Marden
p. 1334

Optimal Induced Spreading of SIS Epidemics in Networks
Z. He and P. Van Mieghem
p. 1344

Distributed Optimization for Network Resource Allocation With Nonsmooth Utility Functions
H. Iiduka
p. 1354

Explicit Computation of Sampling Period in Periodic Event-Triggered Multiagent Control Under Limited Data Rate
P. Yu and D. V. Dimarogonas
p. 1366

Monostability and Bistability of Boolean Networks Using Semitensor Products
S. Chen, Y. Wu, M. Macauley, and X.-M. Sun
p. 1379

Robust Power System State Estimation From Rank-One Measurements
G. Wang, H. Zhu, G. B. Giannakis, and J. Sun
p. 1391

Top-Down Synthesis of Multiagent Formation Control: An Eigenstructure Assignment Based Approach
T. Motoyama and K. Cai
p. 1404

Online Leader Selection for Collective Tracking and Formation Control: The Second-Order Case
A. Franchi, P. R. Giordano, and G. Michieletto
p. 1415

Distributed Robust Global Containment Control of Second-Order Multiagent Systems With Input Saturation
J. Fu, Y. Wan, G. Wen, and T. Huang
p. 1426

POSE.3C: Prediction-Based Opportunistic Sensing Using Distributed Classification, Clustering, and Control in Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
J. Z. Hare, S. Gupta, and T. A. Wettergren
p. 1438

On Mean Field Games for Agents With Langevin Dynamics
K. Bakshi, P. Grover, and E. A. Theodorou
p. 1451

Game-Theoretic Vaccination Against Networked SIS Epidemics and Impacts of Human Decision-Making
A. R. Hota and S. Sundaram
p. 1461

Sensor Network Event Localization via Nonconvex Nonsmooth ADMM and Augmented Lagrangian Methods
C. Zhang and Y. Wang
p. 1473

A Feedback Control Algorithm to Steer Networks to a Cournot–Nash Equilibrium
C. De Persis and N. Monshizadeh
p. 1486