December 2017

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
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Volume 4 (2017), Issue 4 (December)Table of Contents
T. Nguyen, H. M. La, T. D. Le, and M.Jafari Formation Control and Obstacle Avoidance of Multiple Rectangular Agents With Limited Communication Ranges 680
L. Miao, J. Mao, and C. G. Cassandras Optimal Energy-Efficient Downlink Transmission Scheduling for Real-Time Wireless Networks 692
T. Yucelen and J. D. Peterson Distributed Control of Active-Passive Networked Multiagent Systems 707
C. Wang, Z. Zuo, Z. Lin, and Z. Ding A Truncated Prediction Approach to Consensus Control of Lipschitz Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Input Delay 716
Z. Feng, C. Sun, and G. Hu Robust Connectivity Preserving Rendezvous of Multirobot Systems Under Unknown Dynamics and Disturbances 725
H. Mahboubiand, A. G. Aghdam Distributed Deployment Algorithms for Coverage Improvement in a Network of Wireless Mobile Sensors: Relocation by Virtual Force 736
G. S. Paschos and L. Tassiulas Sustainability of Service Provisioning Systems Under Stealth DoS Attacks 749
T. Sadamoto, T. Ishizaki, and J.-i. Imura Average State Observers for Large-Scale Network Systems 761
M. K. Shirani Faradonbeh, A. Tewari, and G. Michailidis Optimality of Fast-Matching Algorithms for Random Networks With Applications to Structural Controllability 770
M. Guo, C. P. Bechlioulis, K. J. Kyriakopoulos, and D. V. Dimarogonas Hybrid Control of Multiagent Systems With Contingent Temporal Tasks and Prescribed Formation Constraints 781
S. Pourazarm and C. G. Cassandras Optimal Routing for Lifetime Maximization of Wireless-Sensor Networks With a Mobile Source Node 793
A. Anastopoulou, I. Koutsopoulos, and G. D. Stamoulis Optimal Targeting and Contract Offering for Load Curtailment in Nega-Watt Markets 805
Z. Meng, D. V. Dimarogonas, and K. H. Johansson Attitude Coordinated Control of Multiple Underactuated Axisymmetric Spacecraft 816
Z. Zhang, E. K. P. Chong, A. Pezeshki, B. Moran, and S. D. Howard Near-Optimal Distributed Detection in Balanced Binary Relay Trees 826
Y. Yan and Y. Mostofi Efficient Clustering and Path Planning Strategies for Robotic Data Collection Using Space-Filling Curves 838
D. Panagou, D. M. Stipanovic ́, and P. G. Voulgaris Distributed Dynamic Coverage and Avoidance Control Under Anisotropic Sensing 850
M. Alizadeh, H. T. Wai, M. Chowdhury, A. Goldsmith, A. Scaglione, and T. Javidi Optimal Pricing to Manage Electric Vehicles in Coupled Power and Transportation Networks 863
X. Wang, N. Xiao, L. Xie, E. Frazzoli, and D. Rus Analysis of Price of Total Anarchy in Congestion Games via Smoothness Arguments 876
Y. Abdallah, Z. Zheng, N. B. Shroff, H. E. Gamal, and T. M. El-Fouly The Impact of Stealthy Attacks on Smart Grid Performance: Tradeoffs and Implication 886