TCNS September 2018

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October 16th, 2018

IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
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Volume 5 (2018), Issue 3 (September)
Table of Contents
Translational and Rotational Invariance in Networked Dynamical Systems C.-I. Vasile, M. Schwager, and C. Belta 822
Pricing for the Optimal Coordination of Opportunistic Agents O. Dalkilic, A. Eryilmaz, and X. Lin 833
Detection Against Linear Deception Attacks on Multi-Sensor Remote State Estimation Y. Li, L. Shi, and T. Chen 846
Controllability of Dynamic-Edge Multi-Agent Systems Y. Wang, J. Xiang, Y. Li, and M. Z. Q. Chen 857
Distributed Enforcement of Phase-Cohesiveness for Frequency Control of Islanded Inverter-Based Microgrids M. Zholbaryssov and A. D. Domínguez-García 868
Finite-Time Distributed Averaging Over Gossip-Constrained Ring Networks A. Falsone, K. Margellos, S. Garatti, and M. Prandini 879
Networked State Estimation With Delayed and Irregularly Spaced Time-Stamped Observations B. Yan, H. Lev-Ari, and A. M. Stanković 888
Network-Based Analysis of Small-Disturbance Angle Stability of Power Systems Y. Song, D. J. Hill, and T. Liue 901
Independent Log-Linear Learning in Potential Games With Continuous Actions T. Tatarenko 913
Centrality Measures in Linear Consensus Networks With Structured Network Uncertainties M. Siami, S. Bolouki, B. Bamieh, and N. Motee 924
A Distributed, Asynchronous, and Incremental Algorithm for Nonconvex Optimization: An ADMM Approach M. Hong 935
Stable Wireless Network Control Under Service Constraints M. Kasparick and G. Wunder 946
Distributed Stopping for Average Consensus in Digraphs N. E. Manitara and C. N. Hadjicostis 957
Scaling the Kalman Filter for Large-Scale Traffic Estimation Y. Sun and D. B. Work 968
A Jamming-Resilient Algorithm for Self-Triggered Network Coordination D. Senejohnny, P. Tesi, and C. De Persis 981
Likelihood Ratio-Based Scheduler for Secure Detection in Cyber Physical Systems J.-Y. Ding, K. You, S. Song, and C. Wu 991
Compositional Abstraction for Networks of Control Systems: A Dissipativity Approach M. Zamani and M. Arcak 1003
Energy-Optimal Pump Scheduling and Water Flow D. Fooladivanda and J. A. Taylor 1016
Diffusing Private Data Over Networks F. Koufogiannis and G. J. Pappas 1027
I-CSMA: A Link-Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Networks Based on Ising Model Y. Wang and Y. Xia 1038
Novel Homotopy Theory for Nonlinear Networks and Systems and Its Applications to Electrical Grids H.-D. Chiang and T. Wang 1051
Structure Learning in Power Distribution Networks D. Deka, S. Backhaus, and M. Chertkov 1061
Topology Design for Stochastically Forced Consensus Networks S. Hassan-Moghaddam and M. R. Jovanović 1075
Multiperiod Network Rate Allocation With End-to-End Delay Constraints M. H. Hajiesmaili, M. S. Talebi, and A. Khonsari 1087
Mechanism Design for Resource Allocation in Networks With Intergroup Competition and Intragroup Sharing A. Sinha and A. Anastasopoulos 1098
A Tool for Stability and Power-Sharing Analysis of a Generalized Class of Droop Controllers for High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission Systems D. Zonetti, R. Ortega, and J. Schiffer 1110
Adaptive Reliable Coordination Control for Linear Agent Networks With Intermittent Communication Constraints X. Wang and G.-H. Yang 1120
Evaluating the Effects of Real Power Losses in Optimal Power Flow-Based Storage Integration A. Castillo and D. F. Gayme 1132
Control Analysis and Design for Statistical Models of Spiking Networks A. Nandi, M. M. Kafashan, and S. Ching 1146
Optimal Attack Strategies Subject to Detection Constraints Against Cyber-Physical Systems   Y. Chen, S. Kar, and J. M. F. Moura 1157
Adaptive Consensus in Leader-Following Networks of Heterogeneous Linear Systems F. Xiao and T. Chen 1169
On (Non) Supermodularity of Average Control Energy A. Olshevsky 1177
Discrete-Time Distributed Extremum-Seeking Control Over Networks With Unstable Dynamics I. Vandermeulen, M. Guay, and P. J. McLellan 1182
Conic Relaxations for Power System State Estimation With Line Measurements Y. Zhang, R. Madani, and J. Lavaei 1193
On Maximizing Sensor Network Lifetime by Energy Balancing R. Du, L. Gkatzikis, C. Fischione, and M. Xiao 1206
Resilient First-Order Consensus and Weakly Stable, Higher Order Synchronization of Continuous-Time Networked Multiagent Systems H. J. LeBlanc and X. Koutsoukos 1219
Distributed Optimal Load Frequency Control with Non-Passive Dynamics S. Trip and C. De Persis 1232
Harnessing Smoothness to Accelerate Distributed Optimization G. Qu and N. Li 1245
Characterization of Cutsets in Networks With Application to Transient Stability Analysis of Power Systems Y. Song, D. J. Hill, and T. Liu 1261
Optimal Control of Linear Systems With Limited Control Actions: Threshold-Based Event-Triggered Control B. Demirel, E. Ghadimi, D. E. Quevedo, and M. Johansson 1275
Detecting Topology Variations in Networks of Linear Dynamical Systems G. Battistelli and P. Tesi 1287
Distributed Integer Weight Balancing in the Presence of Time Delays in Directed Graphs A. I. Rikos and C. N. Hadjicostis 1300
Secure State Estimation and Control for Cyber Security of the Nonlinear Power Systems Q. Hu, D. Fooladivanda, Y. H. Chang, and C. J. Tomlin 1310
Epidemic Processes Over Time-Varying Networks P. E. Paré, C. L. Beck, and A. Nedić 1322
Event-Driven Trajectory Optimization for Data Harvesting in Multiagent Systems Y. Khazaeni and C. G. Cassandras 1335
Proportionally Fair Resource Allocation in Multirate WLANs J. P. Champati and P. Chaporkar 1349
A Theory of Solvability for Lossless Power Flow Equations—Part I: Fixed-Point Power Flow J. W. Simpson-Porco 1361
A Theory of Solvability for Lossless Power Flow Equations—Part II: Conditions for Radial Networks J. W. Simpson-Porco 1373
Consistent Dynamic Event-Triggered Policies for Linear Quadratic Control D. J. Antunes and B. A. Khashooei 1386
Distributed Control of Vehicle Strings Under Finite-Time and Safety Specifications P. Tallapragada and J. Cortés 1399
Stochastic Distributed Predictive Tracking Control for Networks of Autonomous Systems With Coupling Constraints M. Farina and S. Misiano 1412
Analyzing and Quantifying the Effect of  k-Line Failures in Power Grids S. Soltan, A. Loh, and G. Zussman 1424
An Adaptive Switched Control Approach to Heterogeneous Platooning With Intervehicle Communication Losses Y. A. Harfouch, S. Yuan, and S. Baldi 1434
Impact of Hostile Interference on Wireless Link Connectivity G. D. Nguyen, S. Kompella, C. Kam, J. E. Wieselthier, and A. Ephremides 1445
Consensus Error Calculation for Multiagent Systems With Both System and Measurement Noises Z. Wang and H. Zhang 1457
Online Distributed Voltage Stress Minimization by Optimal Feedback Reactive Power Control M. Todescato, J. W. Simpson-Porco, F. Dörfler, R. Carli, and F. Bullo 1467
Robustness of DC Networks With Controllable Link Weights Q. Ba and K. Savla 1479
On 3-D Formation Control With Mismatched Coordinates Z. Meng, B. D. O. Anderson, and S. Hirche 1492
CORRECTIONS  to “On Submodularity and Controllability in Complex Dynamical Networks” T. H. Summers, F. L. Cortesi, and J. Lygeros  1503