Training Programs


To ensure that a diverse and highly trained workforce is available to assume leadership roles related to Cardiovascular Epidemiology through excellent research and career mentoring, and professional development opportunities for trainees.

The Multidisciplinary Training Grant in Cardiovascular Epidemiology strives to help develop postdoctoral researcher’s skills and knowledge in order to conduct multidisciplinary research. Trainees will focus their 2-year training on the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease such as coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure and other forms of vascular disease, following one of the training pathways: statistical genetics and genomics, computational biology and bioinformatics, or clinical and translational epidemiology sciences. All three training tracks will emphasize:

(1) a ‘team science’ approach linked to the trainees and their research projects

(2) excellence in mentoring via mentoring teams and skill development

(3) support trainee career transition at the end of the program