Lab Alumni



Supraja Supraja Anand, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Fellow 2014) is now an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida.
Tyler Justin Tyler Baxter (Recruitment Specialist, 2015-2017) will be attending graduate school at University of New Hampshire’s in the Clinical Nurse Leader program.
Emma Emma Billard (Lab Manager 2012-2013) is an IRB coordinator at New England IRB.
Laura Laura Enflo, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Fellow 2014 – 2015) is a Patent Engineer at Metrology Swedish Patent and Registration Office.
Sylvain Sylvain Favrot, Ph.D. (Research Engineer 2012-2013) is an engineer at Dekimo Experts Gent and at Cochlear.
Rosemary Rosemary Lester-Smith, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Postdoctoral Fellow 2015 – 2016) is a Postdoctoral Associate at Northwestern University.
Andres Andrés F. Llico (Research Engineer 2015-2016) is pursuing his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University.
Jessica Jessica Malloy (Lab Manager 2013-2014) is studying at Northeastern University Seattle for her M.S. in computer science.
tali Talia Mittelman (Lab Manager 2016-2017; Research Assistant 2015-2016) is pursuing her Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University.
Lenny Lenny Varghese, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Fellow 2013 – 2015) is a Post-Doctoral Associate at the Center for Computational Neuroscience and Neural Technology at Boston University.

Doctoral Research Assistants

Stephanie Stephanie Lien (Ph.D Biomedical Engineering, 2015) is currently a Software Engineer at Nest in Palo Alto, CA.

M.S. Research Assistants

Carolyn2 Carolyn Calabrese (M.S. Speech-Language Pathology, 2015) is completing her clinical fellowship at a private practice in Raleigh, North Carolina, working with adults and children who have a variety of speech, language, and feeding disorders.
Margaux Margaux Canevari (M.S. Applied Anatomy and Physiology, 2012) received her D.O. from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine while on the Army’s Health Professional Scholarship. She is currently a Pathology Resident at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD and is a Captain in the US Army Medical Corps.
Kerri Kerri (Downing) Byron (M.S. Speech-Language Pathology, 2015) is now a speech-language pathologists at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.
Caitie Caitlin Gattuccio (M.S. Speech-Language Pathology, 2013) is currently working as a speech-language pathologist at the Los Angeles Unified School District.
Ali Alexandra Martinson (M.S. Speech-Language Pathology, 2015) is working as a speech-language pathologist at Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Marlton, NJ.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Emily Emily Bonazelli (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2013) received her MS in biomedical engineering from the University of Connecticut in 2015 and is currently working at the Baystate Medical Center.
Nisha Nisha Dhawlikar (B.A. Biology, 2013) is a medical student at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.
Kate Girouard (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2017) is working in Technical Services at Epic Systems Corporation in Wisconsin.
Gabby Gabby Hands (B.S. Neuroscience, 2014) is a content manager at Biome in San Diego, CA.
Jake Jake Herrmann (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2012) earned his MS in biomedical engineering in 2015 and is now a PhD student in biomedical engineering at the University of Iowa.
11159550_10206457295975244_1960210170640276874_n Sophie Letcher is an undergraduate neuroscience major at Kenyon College.
Lynne Lynne Messina (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2013) is  a senior systems engineer at Raytheon. She is also working on her Master’s degree in Engineering Management at Tufts University.
Joe Joseph Mendoza (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2015) is a business and systems integration analyst at Accenture in Boston.
carolynm Carolyn Michener (B.S. Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, 2016) is studying at Gallaudet University for an M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology.
Felicia Felicia Patel (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2014) is a Global Services Consultant at PTC in Boston.
Christina Christina Stevens (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2014) is working as a medical assistant for Dermatology Associates of Concord and is pursuing a career in nursing.
Howard Howard Terry (B.A. Biology, 2012) is a patient care technician for the cardiac telemetry unit of St. Peter’s Hospital. He is pursuing a career as a physician assistant.
Elias Elias Thorp (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2012) is a doctoral student in biomedical engineering at Northwestern University working in the Robotics Lab at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.
Juliana Juliana Valentin (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2014) is working as a systems integration and technology analyst for Accenture in Boston, MA.
Boris Boris Virnik (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2012) is a product manager at Virtual Health in New York, NY.

Clinical Recruitment Assistants

ANB Headshot Molly Balseiro (B.S. Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, 2017)
picture Julia Donovan (B.S. Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences; Minor in Linguistics,  2017)
vaishalie Vaishalie Ramsumair (B.S. Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences; Minor in Linguistics,  2017)

High School Research Assistants

Will Will Cunningham graduated from the Boston University Academy in 2015.
Max Max Hardcastle graduated from the Boston University Academy in 2016.