Current Lab Members

Dr. Matt Conger – Matt recently joined the lab in September 2018. Prior to coming to BU, he completed his Ph.D. with Prof. Matthew Liptak at the University of Vermont. email: maconger [at]
Sheila Bonitatibus– Sheila is a current graduate student who joined the SJE lab in the winter of 2017. She was an undergraduate at Fairfield University, and is working now on the electrochemical characterization of multi-cluster containing AdoMet Radical Enzymes. email:  sbonitat [at]     SCB
Dr. Madeline López Muñoz– Madeline is a Post-doctoral scholar in the group who carried out her Ph.D. studies in the group of Prof. William Metcalf at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Currently, Madeline is studying the redox biochemistry of members of the bacterial cytochrome c peroxidase superfamily, as well as enzymes that that engage in transformations of carbon. email: lopezmz [at] Madeline_picture
Dr. Meghan Smith – Meghan is a recently arrived post-doctoral scholar who has joined the group after recently completing a Ph.D. with Prof. Kyle Lancaster at Cornell University. email: msmith82 [at]
Camilla Stejskal – Camilla is recent graduate of Boston University’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program, having spent two years in the group doing undergraduate research. She is our current lab manager, and is the group’s master organizer. email: camillas [at]
Lindsey Walker – Lindsey received her B.A. in Chemistry from Barnard College, where she worked in the group of Prof. Marissa Buzzeo, and she comes originally from Arizona (like SJE!). She currently studies the redox properties of PFOR enzymes as well as the formate dehydrogenase from Ralstonia eutropha. email: walkerlm [at] LMW_labphoto-sm
Dr. Andrew Weitz – Andrew is a post-doctoral scholar, who received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon Univesity. Andrew is working on the spectroscopic characterization of bacterial cytochrome c peroxidase enzymes, and members of the OFOR family. email: acweitz [at]