Request for Proposals

Encouraged Focus Papers

The SIGMAA on RUME conference includes research focused on the teaching and learning of mathematics at the undergraduate level as well as papers on related topics that are relevant to this body of research.

The program committee encourages submissions about issues of teaching and learning of collegiate-level mathematics in areas such as proof, calculus, college algebra, statistics, combinatorics, and upper-level mathematics classes, as well as in areas such as graduate preparation of future college mathematics faculty, equity and social justice, work related to the professional preparation and development of K-12 teachers, and research on teaching of adults in other formal and informal settings. Each proposal will be judged on its individual merits, with evaluation based on the quality of the work and its relevance to the RUME community. Keeping this broad reading of RUME in mind, we encourage the submission of four different kinds of reports:

  • Contributed Research Reports (CR)
  • Preliminary Research Reports (PR)
  • Theoretical Reports (TR)
  • Poster Reports (P)

The complete details for the generation and submission of CR, PR, TR, and P can be found here.

The template used for creating CR, PR, TR, and P proposals can be found here.

Working Groups

Working groups are formal or informal groups of individuals working together to pursue or support research in a particular area or topic of interest. Since 2009, the SIGMAA on RUME has encouraged networking, mentoring, and research collaboration by hosting working groups and supporting the development of new working groups at the annual RUME conference.

Each working group is considered independent from the RUME organization. Therefore, RUME takes no responsibility for the leadership structure and ongoing activities of any such group. Each is responsible for its own goals, duration, scope, activities, and organizational structure. Therefore, at its own prerogative, a group may meet for a single event or conduct longitudinal work.

The complete details for submitting a Working Group Proposal can be found here.

The application template for a Working Group Proposal can be found here.