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Northeast Region – October 29th

By Omna SyedOctober 29th, 2017in Regional Team Updates

Dear Colleagues,

I am sending along some resources from Friday’s Northeast Regional School Nurse Meeting. I am so glad that so many of you could join us. I’m looking forward to continuing our work together this year…

Mary Ann’s Updates/Discussion:

SBIRT discussion…folks continue to request the SBIRT Introductory training here in the Northeast. If your staff need SBIRT please respond to me (Shanyn) with which district/school and how many and I will make a request on behalf of the Region. We will try to hold an additional SBIRT training for the Northeast Region in the coming weeks.

Medicare Billing- We hope to have more guidance soon. There will be trainings and guidelines coming with more information to get you up to speed when this is rolled out.

Katie Vozeolas, MSNO President gave briefing on some work MSNO has done to support or submit Bills in the MA that will help school nurses on the schools working with students. For example, MSNO filed a bill that would decrease the amount of postural screenings that school nurses would be required to do. MSNO is also working on legislation that would support any medicare funds going back to specific school districts and to health and nursing services and not just to the municipals. MSNO always working to benefit our practice. Are you a member?

Linda Brown’s Concussion Resources

Linda shared the newest guidance document that was sent to school districts recently. This DPH document can be downloaded here:

Concussion management forms and information can be found on the DPH website at the following link:


Below is a link where you can view a webinar presentation that is very similar to the one that Tricia and Kathryn did live for us at our meeting. You will also find many other great resources related to MIIS for you as well. The module closest to the presentation will be the 3rd one listed titled “MIIS School Module Updates.”

Tricia and Kathryn reminded us that there will be a HARD deadline of December 15, 2017 to submit all immunization data and that next year the immunization MUST be done through MIIS and not the surveymonkey format like in the past. If you or your district has not onboarded your staff onto MIIS you should do it NOW!

Karen Rufo’s Evaluation Presentation

Karen’s PPT and all handouts are attached and contact info below…

Karen Rufo  MS, RN, PPCNP-BC
Nurse Leader Natick Public Schools

Natick High School
15 West Street
Natick, MA 01760
phone: 508-647-6400 X 1604

cell phone: 508-745-1434
fax: 508-651-7167

Shanyn’s Resources

Meditation from Jean Watson Caring Science…I’ve added the script and information on how to access the meditation in the link below…


DESE Website to find other schools and school nurses in your city or town to forward e-mails and connect with. You can click on the map of your county and then find your city/ town or type it into the search bar below the map. Once you have indentified your own schools, try reaching out to the other schools listed and to find the school nurse contact so that you might share the DPH Updates and other important commincations with them. Thanks for your help everyone…when we all do better, we all do better!



Evaluation Organization

Evaluation Standards (columns)no RED Power Standards

Evaluation Template Evidence Collection BULLETED

Evidence Collection Narrative

New Walkthrough Form COLORED WITH STANDARDS-1 (2)

Nurse Evaluation when the rating is less than proficient FOR POSTING


Kind Regards,

Shanyn A Toulouse, MEd, BSN, RN, NCSN
Northeast Regional Consultant
Haverhill Public Schools
4 Summer Street, Rm 104
Haverhill, MA 01830
Phone: 978.420.1919
Mobile: 978.761.2307

“School Nurses of the Northeast Region Collaborate and Share Expertise to Optimize Student Health and Learning”

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