Journal Publications

A new magnetohydrodynamic “crescent-like” model for the heliosphere, in agreement with Voyager 1, 2, Cassini and New Horizons observations.



  • Dialynas, K., A. Galli, M. A. Dayeh, A. C. Cummings, R. B. Decker, S. A. Fuselier, M. Gkioulidou, E. Roussos, S. M. Krimigis, D. G. Mitchell, J. D. Richardson, and M. Opher, (2020), Combined ~10 eV to ~344 MeV particle spectra and pressures in the Heliosheath along the Voyager 2 trajectory, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, (in press).


  • Roussos, E., K. Dialynas, N. Krupp, P. Kollmann, C. Paranicas, E. C. Roelof, C. Yuan, D. G. Mitchell, and S. M. Krimigis, (2020), Long and short-term variability of Galactic Cosmic Ray radial intensity gradients between 1 and 9.5 AU: Observations by Cassini, BESS, BESS-Polar, PAMELA and AMS-02, The Astrophysical Journal, (in press).






Non-Referred Publications

  • Dialynas, K., Krimigis, S. M., Decker, R. B., Mitchell, D. G., Roelof, E. C., Brandt, P. C., Burlaga, L., Della Torre, S., DeMajistre, R., Galli, A., Gkioulidou, M., Hill, M.E., Kornbleuth, M., Kurth, W., McNutt, R., Mostafavi, P.S., Nikourar, R., Opher, M., Powell, E., Provonikova, E., Rancoita, P.G., Richardson, J.D., Roussos, E., La Vacca, G., Westlake, J.  THE DYNAMIC HELIOSPHERE AND ITS INTERACTION WITH THE LISM: OPEN QUESTIONS & FUTURE PERSPECTIVES. White Paper for Heliophysics 2050.


  • Opher, M., Zank, G., Florinski, V., Fuselier, S., Giacolone, J., Toth, G., Richardson, J., Drake, J., Swisdak, M., Zieger, B., Galli, A., Dayeh, M., Tenishev, V., Izmodenov, V., Kornbleuth, M., Powell, E., Boliukov, I., Zirnstein, E., Michael, A., Dialynas, K., Krimigis, S., Cumming, A., Decker, R., Elliot, H., Gkioulidou, M., Hill, M., Nikoukar, R., Roussos, E., Szabos, A., Kota, J., Provornikova, E., Mostafavi, P., Brandt, P., McNutt, R., Gombosi, T., Stone, E., Schwadron, N., Stern, A., Loeb, A. Our Heliospheric Shield, a case of a Habitable Astrosphere: Open Science Questions. White Paper for Heliophysics 2050


  • Hill, M.E., Giacalone, J., Florinski, V.F., Opher, M., Turner, D.L., Allen, R.C., Brandt, P.C., Cummings, A.C., Decker, R.B., Dialynas, K., Kollmann, P., Kota, J., Leske, R.A., Mewaldt, R.A., McNutt, Jr. R.L., Mostafavi, P., Nikoukar, R., Provornikova, E., Richardson, J.D., Roelof, E.C., Zank, G.P. Galactic Cosmic Ray Near the Interstellar Interface.White Paper for Heliophysics 2050


  • DeMajistre, R., P.C. Brandt, D.G. Mitchell, R. McNutt, E.C. Roelof, E. Provornikova, M. Gkioulidou, P.S. Mostafavi, R. Nikoukar, J. Westlake, M. Opher, K. Dialynas, M. Kornblueth, A. Galli, M. Gruntman, D. Reisenfeld, M. Kubiak, J. M. Sokol, S. Fuselier, (2020), Sensing the Shape and Global Structure of the Heliosphere, A White Paper for Heliosphysics 2050.


  • Mostafavi, P., G. P. Zank, E. Roelof, L. Burlaga, J. Richardson, R. Decker, E. Provornikova, M. Opher, B. Demajistre, D. L. Turner, R. McNutt, P. Brandt, K. Dialynas, M. E. Hill, V. G. Merkin, J. Rankin, E. Zirnstein, (2020), Shock Waves Propagation Beyond the Heliosphere: How Far Does the Sun’s Influence Extend into the Interstellar Medium?, A White Paper for Heliosphysics 2050.


  • Brandt, P. C., R. L. McNutt Jr, E. Provornikova, R. Wimmer-Schweingruber, P. Mostafavi, R. Demajistre, K. Mandt, C. Lisse, K. D. Runyon, A. Rymer, S. M. Krimigis, E. C. Roelof, Michael V. Paul, M. Blanc, V. Merkin, L. Alkalai, B. Alterman, D. N. Baker, S. Bale, I. Baliukin, S. Barabash, J. -L. Bertaux, C. Beichman, P. Bladek, M. Bzowski, J. Cahill, J. Clarke, E. Christian, J. Cooper, R. Decker, M. Desai, K. Dialynas, H. Elliott, S. Eriksson, A. Fedorov, P. Frisch, H. O. Funsten, S. Fuselier, A. Galli, R. Gladstone, D. Gurnett, G. Gloeckler, M. Gruntman, M. E. Hill, M. Horanyi, V. Izmodenov, S. Kempf, O. Katushkina, M. Kozanecki, W. Kurth, R. Ratkiewicz, R. Lallement, B. Lavraud, J. Linsky, S. Livi, P. Liewer, M. Mayyasi, R. Mewaldt, T. Mikolajkow, T. A. Mis, D. G. Mitchell, E. Moebius, G. Nicolaou, R. Nikoukar, M. Opher, J. Park, N. Paschalidis, L. Paxton, N. Pogorelov, A. Poppe, E. Quemerais, S. Redfield, D. B. Reisenfeld, J. Richardson, K. Retherford, N. Schwadron, J. M. Sokol, V. Sterken, A. Stern, A. Szabo, J. R. Szalay, A.
    Tkacz, D. Turner, R. Wicks, C. Wang, B. Wood, P. Wurz, G. Zank, M. Zemcov, P. Zarka, Q. Zong, (2020), Expanding the Realm of Solar & Space Physics: Exploration of the Outer Heliosphere and Local Interstellar Medium, A White Paper for Heliophysics 2050.







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