SCTC Vascular/Raynaud’s Phenomenon Working Group (SCTC-VWG)

Purpose of the Working Group:

The SCTC-VWG was devised in 2015 and tasked with refining or developing improved methods for assessing peripheral vascular disease in systemic sclerosis.

Target membership:

Any SCTC member (clinicians and scientists) with an interest in the assessment and management of peripheral vascular disease/Raynaud’s phenomenon in SSc are very welcome and encouraged to attend. The SCTC-VWG has currently received support from over 30 scleroderma units across 4 continents.

Current projects:

The SCTC-VWG has a number of active work streams including:

1)     Development of a novel PRO instrument for assessing Raynaud’s phenomenon in systemic sclerosis: PIs John Pauling (UK) and Robyn Domsic (US)

2)     Validation of the Digital Ulcer Clinical Assessment Score (DUCAS): PIs Cosimo Bruni (Italy), Marco Mattucci Cerinic (Italy) and Dan Furst (US)

3)     Development of a novel PRO instrument for assessing Digital Ulceration in systemic sclerosis: PIs Mike Hughes (UK) and John Pauling (UK)

The SCTC-VWG has been a highly productive working environment securing grant support from the SCTC that has resulted in publications in high-impact rheumatology journals. The SCTC-VWG is open to new members and is seeking ideas for new projects.

Please contact us if you wish to join the group or propose new project ideas ( ).