SCTC Vascular/Raynaud’s Phenomenon Working Group Meeting

Date: Saturday, November 7th

Time: 5.30-6.15pm

Venue: Medical Sciences Building – 513 Parnassas Avenue, Room S180

Target membership:

Any SCTC member (clinicians and scientists) with an interest in the assessment and management of peripheral vascular disease/Raynaud’s phenomenon in SSc. All are very welcome and encouraged to attend.

Purpose of the Working Group:

To improve the assessment and management of peripheral vascular manifestations of SSc.

Inaugural Working Group Meeting Agenda:

  1. Welcome to inaugural meeting
  1. A brief review of the RCS diary development, validation, inclusion within core set of outcome measures for clinical trials of RP and its performance in clinical trials of RP in SSc over the last 20 years. Outline the case for the development of novel approaches to the assessment of RP (JP).
  1. Open discussion regarding RP outcome measures and additional research gaps related to Vascular Disease/RP that an SCTC Vascular/RP working group might address.
  1. Consensus agreement of a small number of achievable objectives and a potential Year 1 work plan for the group.
  1. Formalise Vascular/RP Working Group framework e.g. development of a formal working group steering committee, preliminary discussions regarding co-authorship policy and consider strategies for encouraging broader membership to the working group from within the SCTC.

We hope to you can join us on Saturday and make this inaugural meeting as productive and enjoyable as possible.

John Pauling, Tracy Frech, Robyn Domsic, Sindhu Johnson & Ariane Herrick