Overview of the SCTC Working Group Program

Mission Statement and Overview of the SCTC Working Group Program

The goals of the SCTC Working Groups are to stimulate focused discussion and collaborative research projects related to either increasing the efficiency of clinical trials and observational studies or producing position papers that should  be representative  of the opinions of a majority of SCTC members.  Particular emphasis is on less well-studied manifestations of disease.

As such the primary purpose of working groups will be:

1. The development or evaluation of outcome measures, the classification of disease manifestations, performing proof-of-concept studies for novel clinical trial design or the development of SCTC position papers on issues related to SSc. 

2.  When necessary to fulfill the above goals, to perform necessary observational studies  or translational research in systemic sclerosis. 

New Working Groups are created upon approval of the SCTC Executive Committee.  Any investigator at an SCTC member institution in good standing may propose a new Working Group. They are encouraged to create a small lead group of both senior and junior investigators; this group may be expanded upon initiation of the Group.  The brief application should include an explanation of the goals of the Working Group, the methodologies to be employed, and an explanation of how the Working Group will fulfill the mission of the SCTC. Upon receiving endorsement, Working Groups will be eligible to apply and compete for SCTC-sponsored funding for their research endeavors but will be responsible for obtaining sufficient/additional funding for their respective projects.  The SCTC shall assist with Working Group communications  and organization of meetings.  Participation in all SCTC Working Groups will be open to all investigators at SCTC member institutions.  All presentations and publications produced by SCTC working groups must recognize the SCTC in the title/authorship. Such endorsement of work product requires manuscript approval by the Executive Committee prior to submission for publication.