Activity Index

The SCTC is supporting a new working group to develop a disease Activity Index in systemic sclerosis. This instrument will be developed to systematically identify and quantify potentially reversible disease activity. The envisaged applications of this Activity Index include use as an outcome measure in observational and interventional studies. The development of the Activity Index will be a continuation of work undertaken by the same group of investigators who worked to develop a disease Damage Index in scleroderma. 

The first meeting of the Activity Index working group will be open to all interested members of SCTC and is planned to coincide with the American College of Rheumatology Annual Scientific Meeting 2016. Announcements of this meeting will be made in the weeks prior to the meeting. For further enquiries, please contact the co-chairs, Dr Mandana Nikpour (Australia) or Dr Murray Baron (Canada).

Dr Mandana Nikpour – Email:

Dr Murray Baron –Email: