Lab meeting schedule

Lab meetings are conducted every Friday in EPIC B25/B29 at 1:00 pm, unless otherwise specified.

Date Presenter Topic
Jan 19 Wei Xiao Control Barrier Function Based Optimal Problem
Jan 26 Xiao Li Automaton-Based RL
Feb 2 Curtis Madsen A Workflow for the Design of Synthetic Genetic Circuits using Signal Temporal Logic
Feb 9 Demarcus Briers Simulation and Automated Control of Self-Organization in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Colonies
Feb 16 Junmin Wang Modeling Genetic Circuit Behavior in Transiently Transfected Mammalian Cells
Feb 23 Francisco Penedo Alvarez
Mar 2 Giuseppe Bombara
Mar 9 Spring Break
Mar 16 Zachary Taylor Serlin Density-Based Clustering: From Temporal Logic Inference to Multi-image Matching
Mar 23 Cristi-loan Vasile
Mar 30 Shelia Kang A Brief View of Iterative Learning Control
Apr 6 Bee Vang Geometric Control of Quadrotors with Contraction Theory
Apr 13 Iman Haghighi STL control using a novel quantitative semantics
Apr 20 Cristi-loan Vasile
Apr 27 Kate Saenko Can we take vision outside the lab?
May 1st 2:00 pm Brian Luis Using a Network of Self Calibrated IMU’s to Mitigate the Effect of Drift
May 11th Arman Karimian Using objects as hyper-features in Visual SLAM
May 18th Sean Sanchez Using Compressive Sensing with in-air Ultrasonic Measurements for Robotic Mapping