PRISM Mentors 2014-2015

Co-Directors (also Mentors)

Emily Ghosh


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Molly Herman

Molly is a junior physics major, working at CERN to determining the ideal center of mass energy of a future particle collider: CLIC.


2014-2015 Mentors

 Alex Billias

Alex is a senior majoring in Philosophy and Physics, who is currently working on refuting superdeterministic interpretations of quantum mechanics that would violate Bell’s Theorem. He also does work in materials science, characterizing biomass-based activated carbons using FTIR to determine surface functional groups.

Ben Dickens


Ryan Gelly

Inna Gertsenshteyn


Julie Hammond

Julie is a senior physics major who intends to teach high school after graduation. In her free time, Julie enjoys studying French and practicing Zen meditation.

Ryan Linehan

Jan Makkinje

Shoko Mizutani