FAQ: Male Partners

couple using laptop

Once the female partner completes her baseline questionnaire at enrollment, she will be given the opportunity to invite her male partner by email. If you successfully complete your brief (10-15 minute) questionnaire, you and your female partner will be entered into a lottery to win a free iPad mini.

Six couples have already won an iPad for their participation in PRESTO!

Collecting data on men will allow the research team to compile the most accurate information on fertility by analyzing the health and lifestyle factors of both partners involved in conception.

The data provided online will be encrypted (a process of coding data to make it unreadable by outside parties) to eliminate the possibility that an outsider can gain access to the information.  The data will be identified by number only, and will be stored in computer files protected by a series of passwords known only to staff working on PRESTO. All analyses will be conducted using coded data without any names or other personal identifiers.

The male questionnaire will ask questions about lifestyle factors, reproductive history, and medical history.

The male questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.