New Faculty Members

The Massachusetts Department of Corrections views Boston University faculty as volunteers. Newly hired faculty should review the DOC Volunteer Handbook and visit the Department of Correction website. On their site, you can navigate to the institution at which you will be teaching. They provide valuable information, including details on volunteer dress code and directions. Additional information specific to the Department of Correction is found on the Faculty Resources page. Many other questions for new faculty are addressed on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

In addition to familiarizing yourself with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections policies and procedures, there are a few tasks you will have to complete to get started at Boston University.

Getting a Password for WebGrading

Grading of Prison Education Program students is conducted in the same way as the grading of students in BU’s Metropolitan College. At the end of each semester, grades must be entered via the BU website. In order to log on to the BU web-grading page, you must have an BU Login Name &  Kerberos password. To obtain a Kerberos password and establish a login name for your ACS account, visit BU’s IT Help Center at 179 Amory Street on BU’s West Campus during the semester prior to grading.

Obtaining a Kerberos Password

To learn more about working with your BU e-mail account, and special features such as setting up a mailing list and message forwarding, visit the BU Information Services & Technology website.

Having a BU e-mail account is required in order to use the Faculty Link—which allows faculty to access student records. This website contains useful information pertaining to class schedules, class lists, textbook information, and final exam schedules. A BU login name and valid password are required in order to access the Faculty Link.