Linking with Clue


We are collaborating with the mobile menstrual tracking application Clue®, created by the company Biowink. This is a mobile phone application that anyone may download for free to input information on their menstrual cycle via the App Store or Google Play store. Data collected from the application includes day one of the menstrual cycle, duration of flow, pain symptoms, and more. If you agree to participate in this new component of the study, and choose to download the app and use your linking tag, your menstrual cycle data will be transferred from Clue® to the OM study.

All existing Pilot participants that agreed to be recontacted have been emailed a unique linking tag in the form of: BUXXXXX. You must input this into the Clue® app in the “Tag” section (detailed instructions below) in order for your data to be collected. Clue® will send your menstrual cycle data and the linking tag back to the study team. No personal identifiers from Clue® will be transferred to the study team. The results will not be used for clinical care. Please know that taking part in this new component of the study is completely voluntary. All of the elements of the consent form that you read when you first entered the study still apply. Refusing to do this will not impact your participation in the rest of the study.


In order to link your menstruation data to the online survey, you must input the tag BUXXXXX into the CLUE app by using the “Tag” option. To enter your tag, click on “Enter today’s data” or the green plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Next, scroll to the black speech bubble circle. Type your tag into the textbox. In this setting, you can also keep track of extra features of your period that seem notable such as more hair growth, changes in acne, and irregularities in your periods.

If the black icon does not automatically appear you can add it by going back to your home screen and clicking the bullet point list on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Next, click “tracking options”. Scroll to the bottom and turn on “Tags”. For more information about which tags to use as well as why to include tags click on the “i” icon.

Once you have added the tagging function, input your unique identifier: BUXXXXX into the textbox. 


Visual Instructions:

Step 1: Tap on the center red circle or the green plus

Step 2: Slide until you see the black speech bubble and input your unique identifier (BUXXXXX) into the text box

Step 3: This has connected your menstruation information to the OM study. You now also you have the freedom to create your own tags!


Instructions if tags are off


Step 1: First tap on the list icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2: Next scroll and click on tracking options 

Step 3: Make sure the Tags function is on as indicated by the green switch.

Step 4: Return to previous instructions to input your unique code and to create your own tags.