Research Topics and Selected Projects



Computational Biology and Medical Informatics


Data Analytics

  • Detecting Non-Typical Traffic Jams Using Waze Data, Boston Area Research Initiative, Spring 2017.
  • Effective Classification and Actionable Obstacle Detection from Roadway Data, City of Boston, 2015–9/30/14. See news on an IEEE/IBM award for this research.

Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains

Control and Optimization

  • CPS: Breakthrough: A Dynamic Optimization Framework for Connected Automated Vehicles in Urban Environments, NSF CNS-1645681, 2017-2020.
  • AIRFOILS: Real-time Optimization for Animal Inspired Agile Flight, ONR MURI N00014-10-1-0952, 2010-2015. See related BU news story.
  • Communicating Networked Control Systems, ARO MURI, 2001-2006.

Energy Systems

  • Sustainable IT and IT for Sustainability, Boston University, 2017-2019.