Evolutionary Neurobehavior Laboratory

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The Evolutionary Neurobehavior Laboratory takes an evolutionary approach to understanding neurobehavioral traits and systems in human beings. They study a variety of topics, particularly sleep, Parkinson’s Disease, and religion.

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Erasing Memories

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New research on memory function shows that  memories can be selectively edited or erased. Read more here:

Brain Researchers Open Door to Editing Memory

Memories Selectively and Safely Erased In Mice

Hippocampus: The center of memory formation?

Hippo-campus: The center of memory formation?

Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience:

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Encouraging Innovation in Undergraduate Neuroscience Education by Supporting Student Research and Faculty Development

Jean C. Hardwick,* Michael Kerchner,† Barbara Lom,corresponding author‡ Julio J. Ramirez,§ and Eric P. Wiertelak‖

The organization Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN; www.funfaculty.org) was established in 1991 by a group of neuroscientists dedicated to innovation and excellence in undergraduate neuroscience education and research (Ramirez and Normansell, 2003 blue right-pointing triangle). The founders experienced a need for a community of neuroscience educators because no formal division existed within the Society for Neuroscience (SfN; www.sfn.org) to support undergraduates or the faculty who focus on undergraduate neuroscience education.