There are several categories of projects the Laboratory of Networking and Information Systems supports or has supported in the past.



Data Synchronization

  • Error Control Codes for Data Synchronization
  • String Reconciliation based on Characteristic Polynomial Interpolation Synchronization and Puzzle Pieces
  • Characteristic Polynomial Interpolation for Fast Data Synchronization
  • Characteristic Polynomial Interpolation Synchronization
  • Performance of CPI-Based Algorithms on Set Reconciliation


Sensor Networks

  • TeaCP: a Toolkit for Evaluation and Analysis of Collection Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • SensorNet Architectures for Indoor Location Detection
  • Robust Location Detection Using Identifying Codes
  • Exploiting Multi-Channel Diversity to Speed Up Over-the-Air Programming of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • The Observable Wireless Sensor Network
  • Sensor Networks for Emergency Response
  • Rateless Deluge


Wireless LANs

  • Global effects of local transmission strategies in multihop wireless networks
  • Analysis of Rate-adaptation Techniques in Wireless Local Area Networks


Ultra High Capacity Networks

  • Bandwidth Allocation GUI for UltraScience Net
  • Advanced Reservation Simulator (ARS)
  • Advance Reservation: Game Theory Analysis



  • A Theory of Stability for Communication Networks
  • Application of Network Calculus to General Topologies
  • Implementing The Lexicographic Construction (Lexicodes)