More Public Transit Info

Transportation Options to 10 Buick St, Boston, MA 02215

T  Public Transportation 

When you have exited the airport, board one of the free Massport shuttle buses (Route 22, 33, or 55 to “MBTA Blue Line“) outside of your terminal. The Massport shuttle buses, which have storage space for luggage, will drop you off directly in front of Airport Station (Blue Line) and typically run every 5 to 6 minutes. 

Once you exit the bus at Airport Station, you can purchase your CharlieTicket at the ticket machines inside the station’s lobby. Insert your CharlieTicket in the turnstyle to access the station platform. The Blue Line runs from approximately 6:00AM to 12:30AM every day of the week, and the fare for one ride is $2.75.

Once you have purchased your Charlie Ticket, board the Blue Line to Government Center (4 stops).

At Government Center, transfer to the Green Line. You can take either the C or D line to Kenmore Station (6 stops). 

At Kenmore Station, transfer to the B line. It is on the same platform and just a few steps away from when you exit the train at Kenmore station. 

Once on the B line, request a stop on St. Paul Street (5 stops). Note: you can request the stop by pressing the yellow or black strips found around the windows of the train, otherwise if there is no one on the platform the train will not stop. 

Upon exiting the train at St. Paul Street, walk to the crosswalk on Buick Street. Make a left to cross the street toward the bricked building with flags (that’s BU’s Recreational Center!)

Continue down Buick Street for .2 miles or .32 km and you will arrive at 10 Buick Street on your left.  


Taxis are available at each terminal on Arrivals Level (curbside).

Please note that many taxi drivers often share that the credit card machine is broken. Taxi’s are not suppose to be legally driving if that is the case. Do not be afraid to ask before entering a taxi if their credit card machine is functioning. Fares will cost around $30.



Once app is downloaded and you have sign up for an account simply enter desired address. 

Fares will cost around $30.