Funding Sources

Our research would not be possible without the generous support of our funders.  Our work is funded in part under the following grants:

  • NSF IIS: “CAREER: Controlling Ecologically Destructive Processes with a Network of Intelligent Robotic Agents,” PI: M. Schwager (BU).
  • NSF CNS: “CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative Research: Cyber- Physical Manipulation (CPM): Locating, Manipulation, and Retrieving Large Objects with Large Populations of Robots,” PIs: M. Schwager (BU), J. McLurkin (Rice).
  • NSF CNS: “CPS: Synergy: Data Driven Intelligent Controlled Sensing for Cyber Physical Systems,” PI: V. Saligrama (BU), co-PIs: M. Schwager (BU), D. Castanon (BU).
  • U. Waterloo IRPG: “Optimization and Routing for Future Urban Transportation Systems,” PIs: S. L. Smith (U Waterloo), M. Pavone (Stanford), co-PIs: M. Schwager (BU), R. R. Mazumdar (U Waterloo).
  • ONR Special Program on Decentralized Online Optimization: “persistent Decentralized Online Tasks (pDOT): An Online Optimization Approach to Multi-Agent Persistent Monitoring in Uncertain Environments,” PI: D. Rus (MIT), co-PI: M. Schwager (BU).

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